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Let's make things here again

We have brilliant scientists, skilled engineers and a world class workforce. If we back them, and invest in our manufacturing industry, we can tackle the climate crisis, strengthen local communities and create well paid secure jobs. 

Australia invented solar panel tech, wi-fi, and the bionic eye. We used to make our own cars, and we can do it again. 

The Greens plan includes:

  • Using low cost, green energy to rebuild our manufacturing industry, support new green export industries and bring back jobs that have gone overseas
  • A rapid transition to 100% renewables, creating jobs, industries and innovation along the way
  • Establish the Manufacturing Australia Fund to help local manufacturers recover from the pandemic, move off coal and gas and expand into new sectors
  • Use government investment to drive new export industries in green hydrogen and minerals processing, ensuring Australia becomes a renewable superpower 
  • Buy Local, Buy Green - make sure the government is buying products made by local workers produced with clean, green materials and power