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Build 6,500 affordable homes in Newcastle

Safe and secure housing is a human right. 

But currently in Newcastle, thousands of people are in crisis. Inequality grows as the state of our public housing system becomes more dire.

People wait for over a decade to access public housing, while many others seek help from homelessness services every year. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has only deepened the crisis for many, including women and children at risk as they flee domestic and family violence. 

The Greens' plan is to use their influence, should they gain balance of power, to build one million new publicly-owned, affordable, high-quality and sustainable homes.

This includes a massive new investment in public housing. 750,000 new sustainable and accessible public and community homes will be built over 20 years. Newcastle’s share of this would be 6,500 new homes targeted at people currently struggling to find a place to live.

Our plan will slash the public housing waiting lists, end homelessness and ensure everyone has a place to call home.

Building one million homes will create 45,000 new ongoing direct jobs and 90,000 new ongoing indirect jobs in construction and services. Supporting Australia’s economic recovery, while building publicly-owned, affordable, high-quality and sustainable homes.

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