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Clean up politics with a federal ICAC

After another year of rorting scandals, favours for donor mates, and political self-interest it’s clearer than ever that we need a new approach to restore public confidence in democracy, clean up parliament, and end corruption. 

Cleaning up politics is a big job and needs to start from the ground up.

We need a strong, independent integrity commission to catch and punish corrupt politicians, the same way that ICAC works in NSW. But we also need to remove the conditions that allow corruption to fester in the first place.

The Greens have a plan to ensure our parliament reflects the community it represents and acts in the public interest, not the interests of big corporations and the super rich.  

We will lift the standards and improve transparency and accountability by:

  • strengthening the Register of Interests so all potential conflicts are disclosed
  • strengthening the Lobbying Code and publish Ministers’ diaries so you know who’s meeting with who 
  • making FOI laws more effective

We will uncover rorting and corrupt conduct by protecting whistleblowers and introducing a strong, independent integrity commission to deal with corrupt conduct.

We will jam the revolving door between industry and politics and stop politicians from cashing in by preventing Ministers taking roles in industries they used to regulate within 5 years of leaving parliament.

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