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Tell Newcastle Council to complete their own cycling strategy plan!

Newcastle could become one of the top cycle-friendly cities in the world, with the impressive health and economic benefits from increased cycling: from more healthy exercise, improving air quality and reducing noise pollution. Being a cycle-friendly city attracts more visitors and encourages riders to stay longer in the city’s business districts, not to mention fewer cars on the road and more parking spots.

To realise these benefits, Newcastle Council needs to prioritise infrastructure spending and construct a safe, connected cycleway network throughout our city and suburbs.

The Council allocated $5 million to cycleways last financial year but spent only one third of that!

For fiscal year 2021-22, council has only budgeted $1.5M for cycleways, even though the number of cyclists in our city has increased by 17% in the last seven years.

At this rate it will take us over 40 years to build the 45kms we require.

We need Council to commit to spending the money required to complete the Newcastle Cycle Safe Plan as soon as possible, which includes the money already allocated but not yet spent. With 1579 suggestions from cyclists about where to make improvements, there is no shortage of places to start.


Complete Newcastle’s Cycle Safe Plan!

To City of Newcastle Lord Mayor and elected Councillors,

Newcastle Council’s 2021-22 budget has allocated only $1.5 million for priority cycleways projects.

This alone makes it clear that Council doesn’t see cycleways as a priority, and we want this to change.

We are calling on Councillors to bring forward the Newcastle Cycle Safe Plan by committing $5 million per year in each fiscal year 2022-2027 and for ALL candidates standing for election on 4 December to commit in their next term to enshrine this expenditure timeline on vital cycling infrastructure for our whole community.

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