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40% Urban Tree Canopy for Newcastle by 2035

Trees in cities can cool the air by up to 8oC. This reduces the urban “heat island” effect, and helps urban communities adapt to climate change.

Increasing the urban tree canopy is an investment in the future that will improve the quality of life for all Newcastle citizens.

Petition: To achieve a 40% urban tree canopy in Newcastle by 2035

To:  City of Newcastle Lord Mayor and elected councillors,

We are calling for Newcastle Council to adopt an action plan to plant enough trees by 2035 to create an urban tree canopy that covers 40% of the city.


Urban tree canopy is a measurement which encompasses the layer of leaves, branches and stems of trees that shelter the ground when viewed from above.

Increasing the city's tree canopy will reduce summer peak temperatures, improve air quality,  increase property values, provide wildlife habitat, and reduce greenhouse gases. Shady trees make neighbourhoods look great and it has been shown that they can improve social ties among neighbours.

Petition timeline

Newcastle Greens will deliver this petition to all prospective local government candidates before the December 4th election. If elected, The Greens will push Newcastle Council to adopt the policy of tree planting to achieve the objective of 40% coverage by 2035.

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