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NSW Transition Authority

Thank you for making a submission to the NSW Future Jobs and Investment Authority.

Use this link to make your submission before July 12th

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Submission Suggestions:

  • Rule out any new or extended coal mines in NSW and prioritise support for coal export mines, workers and communities to address the shortfall of the federal Net Zero Authority.
  • Immediately access and invest the Royalties for Rejuvenation Funds, rather than waiting until 2028/29.
  • Commit to funding the Hunter Transition Authority with an annual budget of $150 million per year, or 5% of total coal royalties, with 57% of this dedicated to the Hunter region to reflect the royalty input the Hunter generates.
  • Give more power to the regional bodies to control their own funding. 
  • Establish a local office in each region to ensure a genuine community led approach and accessibility for all stakeholders.
  • Ensure the authorities are funded to deliver strategic planning and workforce development programs, constructing enabling infrastructure and establishing new industries and employment opportunities.
  • Include First Nations representatives from each nation impacted in the four regions. 
  • Establish the Hunter TAFE Centre of Excellence to support re-training and local skills development.


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