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Booth Workshop 23rd March

We've run a brilliant campaign so far, but we know that having someone handing out on a booth will increase our vote at that location by 2%, so we really appreciate that you're taking on this crucial volunteer role.

This is a workshop for everyone who is already rostered to hand out at a booth and for those who are considering signing up.

It's a great opportunity to connect with some of the other volunteers who are contributing to this campaign and to make sure you're clear on what your role on the booth will involve.

I'll be running through how everything will work on election day, what our key messages are, who will be your booth captain, and answering any of your questions.


I'll be ordering some pizza for the night, including vegan pizza so make sure you rsvp!


Looking forward to seeing you there


March 23, 2023 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Peter Aldrick Thuy Luong Tessa Lieberman Lorena Arancibia James Whelan Sheila Keane Thomas Levick Kyrie Nunan-Jackson Nate Moore Joseph Davey Elizabeth Devenny Zarife Taylor Harmonie Attwill Max Spencer Karinen Richard Bean Hugo Denham-Wells Rohan Gladman Bailey Myers Peter Henskens Alicia Sneller Megan Campbell Naomi Isaacs Dylan Cahill

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