Newcastle City Council Elections 2017

Meet the Greens Lead Candidates


Newcastle City Council Elections 2017


Lord Mayor and Ward 2 Councillor Therese Doyle

Therese Doyle was elected to Newcastle City Council in September 2012. Before her election, she was a teacher and senior education officer, and was actively engaged in community work.

Since being elected to council, Councillor Doyle has dedicated herself to ensuring that the community’s voice is heard on Newcastle council and that council supports community youth, sporting, cultural and arts facilities. She strongly advocates that Newcastle’s elected representatives make all planning decisions affecting Newcastle, in consultation with local residents.

Ward 1 Dr John Mackenzie

Dr Mackenzie is a social scientist and policy consultant with fifteen years’ experience in academic, government and consulting roles. Over this time, he has worked around the country on policy initiatives that bring communities together to find solutions to complex, divisive and intractable natural resource management problems, such as water allocation in the Murray-Darling Basin and Indigenous water rights in Cape York and the Kimberley.

Dr Mackenzie stood as the Greens candidate for the seat of Newcastle for the 2016 federal election. His bid for a position on Newcastle City Council builds on his solid reputation as a local community organiser, leading campaigns for improved health regulations to reduce air and water pollution in our port and rail corridor suburbs, and opposing the fourth coal terminal. As the former co-ordinator of the Hunter Community Environment Centre, Dr Mackenzie led the community campaigns against the fourth coal terminal and for covered coal wagons and coal stockpiles.

Ward 3 Thomas Levick

Tom Levick studies Geography at Newcastle University and works there as a Project Assistant.

The increasing pressures on the most vulnerable in our community – First Nations people, students, the elderly, people with a disability, the poor – must be addressed. Neoliberalism has failed, and the Greens are the only ones who offer genuine solutions to the problems we now face. It is through unity that we will succeed.

As a councillor, Thomas will support responsible and sustainable initiatives that are equitable for all in our growing city. We plan to confront the issues too long abused as political weapons by established parties, such as transport, infrastructure and public services. The Greens have always led on climate change and environmental justice, enabling local innovation and strengthening our communities, and Thomas will continue this proud work here in Newcastle.

If elected to Council, Thomas will fight for the public good and ensure local issues are given the attention they deserve. Our strength is in unity and diversity.

Ward 4 Aesha Awan

Aesha Awan is studying Law at Newcastle University. She believes the destruction of rail, lack of planning and green spaces in Newcastle are linked to a failure to talk to communities about decisions that will affect them.

Ward 4 is consistently left out when it comes to social services such as youth centres, and arts and community spaces. If she is elected, Aesha will push for transparency on council, development that puts people above profit and the nurturing of Newcastle’s diversity.


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