Newcastle City Council Election 2017

Newcastle City Council Election 2017


I am today feeling an immense and overwhelming gratitude towards the Newcastle Greens team of volunteers and candidates. An inspiring crew of the most unique, diverse, passionate and visionary people in our city. All so deeply committed to a progressive future. Thank you all for the support, the persistence, the late nights, the early starts, the heavy lifting, the sweat and the tears.

We ran an incredible team of candidates. We were led by Therese and by her example of a councillor with an impeccable record of community representation and leadership. We blooded two of the sharpest and most articulate young people I have ever met in Thomas and Aesha. I hope that they continue in politics, for the future’s sake.

Together we brought a progressive vision of our city into Newcastle’s households and imaginations. We stood for communities being trampled over and left behind while property developers and the state government set the agenda and direction of our city. We showed another way. We stood up for quality services and quality of life. For liveable, walkable green suburbs. Green spaces and sustainable living. For engaging community participation. For a decarbonised, smart city. For appropriate human-scale development that protects our environment and preserves the things we love about living in Newie.

It was a message that resonated. We returned one of our historically highest primary votes across all Wards. 

To the people of Newcastle, thank you for the trust and faith you have shown in me. Thank you for the opportunity to serve this city as your Councillor for the next three years. It will be an honour. I am humbled, grateful, and ready. ~ John Mackenzie

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