The four main Greens principles are:

* ecological sustainability
* social equality and economic justice
* grassroots democracy
* peace and nonviolence

In common with all Greens groups, all decisions are made according to consensus decision-making principles. This means that we vote only when consensus is not reached and there are compelling reasons why a decision must be made at that time.

We would welcome you becoming an active member of The Greens. Go to Contact us and send off the form with your details.

Newcastle Greens Office bearers for 2011: (as elected in November 2010)

Convenor: Graham Whittall

Secretary: Therese Doyle,  secretary@newcastle.nsw.greens.org.au

Treasurer: Michael Palmer, 0434 250 757, mickypg@hotmail.com

Membership Officers: Alison Thompson and Therese Doyle, 4926 2513, therese.doyle@optusnet.com.au


Green E-News: Beverley Symons, 4962 2160, bevsym@gmail.com

Calendar of Greens & Community Events emailed approx. fortnightly to members and supporters.

Newcastle City Councillor: Michael Osborne (Ward 1) ph: 4940 8149;  0439 442 984;  sustainable.enviro@gmail.com


Lake Macquarie Greens:
Convenor: Kerry Suwald, 4975 3940; 0425 250 426,  ksuwald@bigpond.com.

Group meetings are held monthly.


Newcastle Greens: Reference/Working Group Coordinators – 2010-11


Complaints Committee: Greg Giles, 4961 1105,  giles@hunterlink.net.au

Election Planning & Preparation Working Group:

Jane Smith                               4961 6864; 0438 417 927                   jane.smith@idx.com.au

Finance & Budget Working Group:

Greg Giles                               4961 1105                                           giles@hunterlink.net.au

Fundraising Working Group:


Media Working Group:

Margaret Henry                       4961 1063; 0447 611 066                   marghenry10@gmail.com

Membership Involvement Working Group:

Therese Doyle                         4926 2513                                           therese.doyle@optusnet.com.au

Newcastle Local Government Reference Group:

Cathy Burgess                         4920 1528                                           cathyburgess@bigpond.com

Policy Promotion and Issues:

Megan Benson                        4997 6522                                           megabens@gmail.com

Processes & Communications Working Group:

Joe Jones                                 4962 1024                                           jcjones99@optusnet.com.au

Stalls Working Group:

Annie Rooke-Frizell                4968 3648; 0403 228 443                   annie_rooke@yahoo.com.au

Ross Edmonds                        4023 3509                                     ross19502003@yahoo.com.au

State & National Matters Working Group:

Chris Townsend                      4967 3275                                           wildmeese@gmail.com

Website Working Group:

Graham Whittall                     0412 071 679                 grahamwhittall10@gmail.com

Regional Greens Delegates:

Newcastle: Ross Edmonds, Nevenka Bareham, Margaret Henry, Keith Parsons

NSW Greens Information

As a member of Newcastle Greens, you automatically become a member of both the NSW Greens and the Australian Greens. Information about the activities and policies of the NSW Greens can be found on their website at: www.nsw.greens.org.au

To go direct to the members section: http://members.nsw.greens.org.au/members/

(Ask Bev Symons, 4962 2160, for the user name & password, if needed).

The Greens NSW office is at 19 Eve Street, Erskineville, 2043. Ph: (02) 9045 6999

Email: office@nsw.greens.org.au.

The Greens have five Members of Parliament in the NSW Upper House, one in the NSW Lower House:

John Kaye: Ph: (02) 9230.2668; Email: john.kaye@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Website: www.johnkaye.org.au

Cate Faehrmann: Ph: (02) 9230 2320; Email: cate.faehrmann@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Blog: www.catefaehrmann.org

David Shoebridge: Ph: (02) 9230 3030; Email: david.shoebridge@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Website: www.davidshoebridge.org.au

Jan Bareham: Ph: (02) 9230 2603, Email:  jan.barham@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Jeremy Buckingham: Ph: (02) 9230 2202, Email: jeremy.buckingham@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Jamie Parker: Ph: (02) 9660 7586, Email: balmain@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Website: http://www.jamieparker.org.au/




Australian Greens Information

The Greens are currently represented in the Senate by the following five Senators:

Bob Brown; Christine Milne (Tas); Rachel Siewert; Scott Ludlum (WA); Sarah Hanson-Young (SA).

Contact details and background information are at: http://greens.org.au/meet-us

And see the Australian Greens at: www.greens.org.au

From July 2011, there will be nine Greens Senators, including Lee Rhiannon (NSW).

Prior to taking her seat in the Senate, Lee can be contacted at The Greens NSW office,

ph: (02) 9045 6999; or at: 0427 861 568; or email: leerhiannon@gmail.com


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