Newcastle Greens call for climate leadership and clean politics.


Tuesday 29th January

The Newcastle Greens have today slammed the ‘manifesto’ released by the Minerals Council which calls on the major parties to use tax payer’s money to prop up the coal industry.

“Mr Galilee and his lobby group are standing in the way of progress. We want to support workers and communities to transition into new jobs and a clean energy future.” said Charlotte McCabe, Greens candidate for the state seat of Newcastle.

“The impacts of climate change are already upon us. Rivers of dead fish, drought, bushfires and heatwaves, this could have all been avoided with real political leadership” she said.

“The people in Newcastle and the Hunter want to see real action for our climate. Late last year we saw thousands of children striking from school and doctors speaking out with concerns for our health as our climate warms.” said Ms McCabe

Greens candidate for Wallsend, Sinead Francis-Coan pointed to the importance of a clear and transparent democracy at a time of low voter confidence. “It’s no surprise to us that the Minerals Council is looking to the Labor and Liberal Parties for support, both have taken large donations from fossil fuel companies and been part of the revolving door that secures cushy jobs upon retirement from politics.” she said.

Both candidates will be continuing to speak up about climate change and the importance of planning for a transition during the state election.

Contact Charlotte McCabe 0421 728 780 or Sinead Francis-Coan: 0478 188 908

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