Greens announce two strong young activists as their candidates for Newcastle and Wallsend

Today, the Newcastle Greens announced Sinead Francis-Coan as their candidate for the seat of Wallsend and Charlotte McCabe as their candidate for the seat of Newcastle.

Sinead Francis-Coan grew up in Jesmond, went to the Hunter School of the Performing Arts and the University of Newcastle and is an active supporter of better domestic violence facilities in Wallend. Sinead recently spear-headed the community campaign to keep the Towers Cinema open, launching  petition that received over 5200 signatures.

Charlotte McCabe lives in Tighes Hill, works as a community organiser and is active across a range of issues in the community. Charlotte was the community spokesperson for the Cover the Wagons campaign to reduce coal dust pollution in Newcastle suburbs along the train lines. Charlotte is passionate about reducing pollution, protecting our precious environment and addressing climate change.

“Newcastle does not need oil and gas platforms off our coast line. I will work hard with the Newcastle community to oppose the offshore oil and gas project off our coast. We love our beaches and we love our marine life, we will not allow their safety to be put at risk. Climate change is already here. Opening any new gas facility, let alone off our coast is madness. We need to elect people who will act to reduce pollution, build renewable energy infrastructure and look after the workers and the communities that will be affected by this transition,” Ms McCabe said.

“The Labor and Liberal parties have both been corrupted by their desire for power above all else, and their policies are heavily influenced by the special interests of political donors. By contrast, The Greens is a grassroots party that involves ordinary people in decision-making and represents those without money or power,” Ms McCabe said.

“The State Government is letting down the people of Wallsend. They are allowing our environment to be degraded, they’re not creating jobs in our local area and they’re not investing in the facilities the community wants,” Ms Francis-Coen said.

“There’s an urgent need for better facilities and more funding  to support survivors of domestic violence. The number of domestic violence survivors shows no signs of dropping. The State Government’s current approach is not working,” Ms Francis-Coan said.

Both Greens candidates said they will provide a clear alternative to the major party candidates because they are motivated by the local community’s needs, not careerism or party politics.


Charlotte McCabe 0421 728 780 and Sinead Francis-Coan: 0478 188 908

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