Newcastle Greens – Campaign Planning Day, 30th October

EditThe continuous campaign working group had a brain storming session a few weeks ago and have come up with some exciting campaign ideas for the coming year and beyond.
The proposals have been nipped and tucked and are ready to be presented to our members and supporters to get your input and ideas.
We’re holding a campaign planning day on Sunday the 30th of October from 10am until 5.30pm.
It’s a long day, but we’ll feed you and keep you interested throughout.
We’re running this day for people new to campaigning as well as seasoned campaigners, please don’t feel like you don’t have the knowledge to come along, we’ll talk about that on the day.
If you think you’d like to come but can’t commit to a whole day, let us know and you can decide which part of the day you’d most like to be involved in and drop in for that.
If you’re interested in joining us, please contact ness on to get a copy of the agenda.
Been thinking about getting more involved with your local Greens?
The time is now!
Kind regards,
The Continuous Campaigns Working Group.
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