Newcastle Uni students to suffer if Turnbull govt cuts funding, introduces $100,000 degrees

11 March 2016

Commenting on the news this morning that the federal government’s higher education election platform could retain the 20 percent funding cut proposed under the Abbott government, Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said:


“A 20 percent public funding cut to universities will mean $100,000 degrees and will be disastrous for students in the Hunter, many of whom are already shackled with enormous debts.


“Shifting costs onto students will not work. Last year thousands of NSW staff, students, their families and unions made that clear during a fierce campaign against Pyne’s deregulation agenda.


“Without adequate public funding Newcastle University will suffer.


Newcastle Greens councillor and Greens Senate candidate Michael Osborne said:

“The students of Newcastle University put up a fierce fight against the Coalition’s deregulation agenda, which would have seen fees sky-rocket.

“This will make a lot of young people in the Hunter very nervous. Students don’t want to read about the possibility of their fees increasing.

“The Greens want to see the Coalition rule out any increase in student fees, and any cuts to public university funding.

Media contact:
Lee Rhiannon – 0411 669 022

Michael Osborne – 0439 442 984

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