Greens say it’s time to clean up Australia, starting with cleaning up NSW planning

Planning in NSW will be in the spotlight this Sunday, Clean Up Australia Day, when Greens MP and Planning spokesperson David Shoebridge will be meeting with local Greens candidates Phillipa Parsons and Jane Oakley to demand a transparent and accountable planning system. With more and more decisions such as the gross overdevelopments at Whitebridge, West Wallsend and Catherine Hill Bay made by State planning officials who pay no heed to community opposition, the planning system is suffering from a crisis of legitimacy. The Greens know that this lack of democratic process can be addressed by returning the planning powers to communities.



Where:            Webb Park, Beach Road Redhead 2290 (Clean Up Australia Day site)

When:             10am Sunday 1 March

Who:               Greens MP and Planning spokesperson David Shoebridge, Greens candidate for Swansea Phillipa Parsons and Greens candidate for Charlestown Jane Oakley.


Greens MP and Planning spokesperson David Shoebridge said, “This election is a chance to make a break with the past, and think beyond the two old parties who have both created this planning mess. This is a chance to send Jane and Phillipa to Macquarie Street to help clean the mess up.”


Greens candidate for Charlestown, Jane Oakley said, “If we seriously want to clean up Australia, then we need to start with a thorough clean up of the NSW planning system.


“Recently, we have seen State MPs, Planning and Transport Ministers tripping over themselves to make the worst mistakes for the future of the Newcastle CBD. These have huge implications for the wider region.


“There has been a complete loss of confidence in the ability of the Coalition to deliver corruption free planning reform. And before that successive Labor governments were similarly afflicted. With regard to planning they are two sides of the same coin” she said.


Greens candidate for Swansea, Phillipa Parsons said, “The gross overdevelopments at West Wallsend and Catherine Hill Bay were made by State planning officials and defied good planning logic. Lack of public transport and infrastructure were just two of the issues on which the community based its opposition, and despite both of those developments proceeding, nothing has been done to address them.


“Currently, the proposed overdevelopment at Whitebridge is also in the hands of State planning officials. Will they really listen to the community’s concern about this?


“These decisions are wrongly taken away from the community.  The community has the local knowledge that State planning officials do not.  It is unjust and undemocratic, and it is the community who have to live with these bad decisions. The Greens know that the more power is returned to local hands, and community members have a real say in what is built in their neighbourhood, the less ability there is for improper influence to degrade the system.”


For more information contact:

David Shoebridge  0408 113 952

Phillipa Parsons 0428 410 290

Jane Oakley 0401 867 080





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