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How much renewable energy could Australia install for 10 billion bucks each year?  We reckon a lot!

Ten billion dollars is the amount of money the Australian Government hands over every year in subsidies to fossil fuel companies to help them keep polluting.

Sign the petition to end polluter handouts now:

The ten billion dollars a year is handed out for a suite of different subsidies – cheap diesel fuel, carbon price compo, special tax treatment for big oil.

But now there is an opportunity to see things changed. In just three weeks time our Treasurer Wayne Swan will hand down the 2013 budget.

He has to decide if he will stand up to the big mining companies and find savings that we know he is desperately looking for, or if he will cave in to the polluters demands once again?

We know the mining companies are worried. Three weeks ago they launched a TV advertising campaign trying to scare the government away from cutting their handouts.

That’s why your voice – along with thousands of others – can make a difference this time.

Sign this petition and show the Treasurer that the community will be alongside him if he stands up to the big polluters this year

And if you want to do more, join us at one of our petrol station events happening in major cities on May 3rd and 4th – just before the budget – to take the message to Australian motorists. To find out more about these sign up here:

Let’s stop the handouts to polluting power and get on with building renewables!

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