21 August, 2017


The Greens today launched their campaign to contest all four wards and the Lord Mayoralty in the upcoming Newcastle Council election.

Lord Mayor and Ward 2 Candidate Therese Doyle was joined by lead Ward candidates John Mackenzie, Thomas Levick and Aesha Awan, to outline the Greens campaign to put the communities of Newcastle first, with the Council team committing to a stronger, more sustainable, more caring and more diverse Newcastle.

Campaign commitments included the development of an independent, integrated transport plan for Newcastle to address traffic, parking and public transport issues, and the establishment of a council-supported network of resident forums to enable genuine consultation.

All speakers at the launch highlighted the value of having continual Greens representation on Newcastle Council for the past twenty-five years, and acknowledged the achievements of past Greens Councillors on appropriate urban development, heritage preservation and the protection of Newcastle’s environment.

Therese Doyle, Lord Mayoral and Ward 2 candidate, said, “Newcastle Greens want a council that is transparent, open and accountable to its residents. We believe in a Council that does more than just roads, rates and rubbish, and actively contributes to the life of our communities and the liveability of our city. We stand for a Council that bases its decisions on reliable expert evidence, on maximising ecological sustainability for our city and on the interests of the majority of residents.

Now more than ever, Newcastle needs councillors who work hard for our natural and built heritage and for people-centred council services. The Greens have always and will always put community before powerful sectional interests,” said Ms Doyle.

Dr John Mackenzie, lead candidate for Ward 1, said, “The Greens are bringing a future focus for the city of Newcastle to this election. We have a vision of Newcastle as a vibrant and thriving 21st century city that embraces clean, smart technology and is a recognised hub of world-class innovation. To get there, we need a staunch Council that will resist the top-down directives from Parramatta planners, and instead work to defend the interests of Newcastle residents.”

Thomas Levick, lead candidate for Ward 3, emphasised his support for responsible and sustainable initiatives that are equitable for all in our growing city. “We will confront the issues that have been too long abused as political tools, like transport, infrastructure and public services,” said Mr Levick. “The Greens have always led on climate change and environmental justice, and I look forward to continuing this proud work here in Newcastle.”

Lead candidate for Ward 4 Aesha Awan said that the destruction of rail, ad hoc planning and reduced community services in Newcastle are linked to a failure to talk to communities about decisions that will affect them. “This is clearest in Ward 4, which is consistently left out when it comes to social services such as youth centres, and arts and community spaces. I will work for greater transparency and accountability on Council, and the revival of services that put people above profits,” she said.


THERESE DOYLE 0434 257 892

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Newcastle Greens Fundraiser – “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power”

Join us for a screening of


Date: Thursday 24 August
Time: Arrive 6:30pm for a 7pm start
Venue: Tower Cinemas Newcastle

Meet Greens candidates running in the Newcastle City Council election
Light refreshments will be available

Tickets can be purchased online:
$20 | $12 concession (+booking fee)

For more information phone Annie 0403 228 443

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The future for energy in Lake Macquarie

2 August at 18:30–20:00

Pippi’s at the Point

199 Main Road Speers Point, Newcastle, New South Wales 2284

Coal is slowly closing down. What happens next?

Join Australian Greens spokeserspon for climate change and energy Adam Bandt MP and NSW Greens spokesperson for resources and energy Jeremy Buckingham MLC as they outline the Greens’ plan for a just transition for workers and the community. There will be a presentation, discussion and a Q&A session to hear local views about building and supporting new, diverse industries and businesses in a future reliant on clean energy.

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After Liddell: The future for energy in Muswellbrook

1 August at 18:30–20:00

Muswellbrook Workies

15-17 Sydney street, Muswellbrook, New South Wales 2333

Join Australian Greens spokesperson for climate change and energy Adam Bandt MP and NSW Greens spokesperson for resources and energy Jeremy Buckingham MLC as they outline the Greens’ plan for a just transition for workers and the Muswellbrook community. There will be a presentation, discussion and a Q&A session to hear local views about building and supporting new industry and business and the clean energy future for Australia.

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Greens commit to improving rental security for Newcastle

MEDIA RELEASE – 5 April, 2017

NSW Greens Housing spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP says that ending ‘no grounds’ evictions in NSW is a simple reform that will provide much needed security for renters in Newcastle, Port Stephens, the Hunter and across the state.

The Greens are kicking off a campaign to end ‘no grounds’ evictions with the launch of the website.

“Many renters live in fear of being thrown out of their home, even when they pay rent on time and look after the property.  These laws are unfair and out of date,” Ms Leong said.

“The review of NSW rental laws that is currently underway offers an opportunity to give renters more security and stability. Ending no grounds evictions is an immediate step that can be taken to help renters throughout this state.

“The Newcastle electorate has a very high proportion of renters, with 38% of dwellings occupied by tenants according to the most recent census data.  This is one of the densest areas for renters outside inner Sydney, ranking 10th in NSW.

“In the neighbouring electorate of Port Stephens, 27% of households rent, and in the Upper Hunter it’s 28%.

“No grounds evictions allow landlords to evict good tenants with just 90 days notice on a rolling lease and just 30 days notice at the end of a lease – without giving any reason at all.

“Renters in most other OECD countries can live secure lives, knowing that they can put their kids through the local school while living in a rented family home, or retire without the threat of eviction hanging over their head.

“But in NSW, dodgy landlords can use ‘no grounds’ evictions as a loophole to kick out tenants if they ask for repairs, if they want to unreasonably increase the rent, or for no reason whatsoever.

“Low- and middle-income people increasingly can’t afford to buy homes.  Long-term renting is a reality for many but our laws in NSW do not make it a secure option for people.

“In the Hunter, the boom and bust of the mining cycle has affected whole communities.  When work is plentiful, homes are in short supply, and rents skyrocket.  Long term tenants can be evicted by greedy landlords who want to double or triple the rent.

“Newcastle, like most Australian cities has seen house prices increase sharply.  For anyone on the minimum wage, the median house price in Newcastle of $975,000 is firmly out of reach.

“Even more affordable suburbs like Stockton are now out of reach for low paid working families, where the average house price has reached $620,000.

“Because ordinary working people can no longer afford to buy a home, more and more people are becoming lifelong renters.  There are more families with children living in rental homes than ever before. We need to ensure that renters can put down roots and contribute to their communities without the threat of eviction hanging over their heads,” she said.


A review of the NSW Residential Tenancies Act 2010 is underway, with proposed reforms from the Government expected soon. Through the review process, The Greens have proposed a number of reforms <> to provide increased stability, security and choice for renters, and to improve standards for rental properties.

In February 2017, a study co-authored by CHOICE, the National Association of Tenants’ Organisations and National Shelter, titled Unsettled: Life in Australia’s private rental market<>, found that 83% of renters in Australia have no fixed-term lease or are on a lease less than 12 months long, and 62% feel they’re not in a position to ask for longer term rental security.

The Greens have launched<>, a campaign hub and online resource for renters.

Rental statistics for each NSW electorate are available at the NSW Parliamentary Research Service paper NSW Electorate Profiles: 2013 Redistribution<>.

Jenny Leong MP

Member for Newtown

383 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042

Phone: 02 9517 2800 | Fax: 02 9517  2200

Website <> | Facebook <> | Twitter <>

Our office is on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. We acknowledge their ownership of this land and pay our respects to past, present and emerging elders.

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#cantstandby – Ending Migrant Detention in Australia


For more information

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Newcastle Greens – Campaign Planning Day, 30th October

EditThe continuous campaign working group had a brain storming session a few weeks ago and have come up with some exciting campaign ideas for the coming year and beyond.
The proposals have been nipped and tucked and are ready to be presented to our members and supporters to get your input and ideas.
We’re holding a campaign planning day on Sunday the 30th of October from 10am until 5.30pm.
It’s a long day, but we’ll feed you and keep you interested throughout.
We’re running this day for people new to campaigning as well as seasoned campaigners, please don’t feel like you don’t have the knowledge to come along, we’ll talk about that on the day.
If you think you’d like to come but can’t commit to a whole day, let us know and you can decide which part of the day you’d most like to be involved in and drop in for that.
If you’re interested in joining us, please contact ness on to get a copy of the agenda.
Been thinking about getting more involved with your local Greens?
The time is now!
Kind regards,
The Continuous Campaigns Working Group.
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Crown Land Seminar – Thursday October 20th


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More bluster and bullying from Baird on the Newcastle rail rezoning

therese-doyle-rail-corridorThe Newcastle community, and Newcastle Council, must not be bullied by the Baird Government to support UrbanGrowth’s rezoning plans for the Newcastle rail line.

The veiled threat by Transport Minister Andrew Constance that Newcastle Council is “robbing the people of Newcastle of $100 million” can’t be allowed to push the council into supporting the damaging rezoning proposal.

In October 2015 the Baird Government truncated the Newcastle rail line at Wickham to facilitate development along the corridor, with UrbanGrowth lodging a rezoning proposal in July 2016.

Newcastle Greens Councillor Therese Doyle said:

“To date Council has stood up to the aggression coming from Macquarie Street and I’m hopeful we will keep a pro-community majority in place to protect our vital transport corridor.

“It’s not Minister Constance’s money, nor is it Premier Baird’s, this is public money and it has all come from the privatisation of Newcastle Port.

“If the money is not spent on destroying the rail corridor it must be spent elsewhere in Newcastle to deliver a real public benefit,” Councillor Doyle said.

Greens MP and Planning Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“If the Baird Government thinks that it can just bully Newcastle Council into making a bad decision, I hope it gets a very rude shock.

“We know from past experience that as soon as public land is rezoned, open space is  lost minimised and private profits win out. This is why council and the community must be given adequate time to assess this rezoning.

“The member of Newcastle will come under a lot of pressure to agree to UrbanGrowth’s rezoning and I give him credit for standing firm on sound planning principles.

“This is just another example of the Baird Government selling out the Newcastle community to private interests and developer profits.” Mr Shoebridge said.

Media contact: Therese Doyle 0434 257 892 and David Shoebridge 0408 113 952


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Real Film Festival Newcvastle


The Real Film Festival is a three-day community, arts and Industry
event showcasing documentaries, independent short and feature films
based on true stories. The program comprises of film screenings, film
and photography workshops, panel discussions, networking events and
film competitions for filmmakers of all ages and experience.

Film Industry Development workshops
Film and Media School Newcastle – 590 – 608 Hunter Street,
Friday 28 October | 9am to 4pm
Learn how to make and market short films, music clips, documentaries
and game development from some of the industry’s best practitioners
General admission: $16 per workshop/$40 full day pass | Student
admission: $12 per workshop/$30 full day pass
Info & Tickets:

Opening Night Gala
Tower Cinemas – 183 – 185 King Street, Newcastle | Honeysuckle Hotel
– Lee Wharf C Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle
Friday 28 October | 5.30pm for a 6pm start.
Enjoy a pre event drink before the Real Film Festival’s official
opening and film premiere followed by the after party at the
Honeysuckle Hotel.
General admission: $40 film and party / $20 film screening only |
Concession: $30 film and party/ $15 film screening only
Info & Tickets:

Film Screenings
Tower Cinemas – 183 – 185 King Street, Newcastle
Friday 28 October to Sunday 30 October
Check out this year’s amazing collection of entertaining,
controversial and engaging films all based on true events.
General admission: $12/ concession: $10
Info & Tickets:

Free Open Air Cinema
Civic Park – King Street, Newcastle
Saturday 29 October | 5.30pm to 9pm
Grab your family, friends and a picnic blanket and head to Civic Park
for an open air family film and entertainment.
Food, drinks and sweets available.
Admission: FREE
Info & Tickets:

Closing Night and Short Film Competition Winners Event
Tower Cinemas – 183 – 185 King Street, Newcastle
Sunday 30 October | 5pm to 8pm
Join us for the closing night feature film premiere where we will also
announce the winners of the short film competitions and screen the
winning short films.
Help us celebrate another successful festival by joining us for a
closing night drink after the film.
General admission: $20/ concession: $15
Info & Tickets:

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