Suncrowd – Australia’s First Bulk-Buy for Home Energy Storage


On 23rd June Suncrowd will open the bulk-buy offers and reveal the technology selected for our Newcastle campaign!

We can’t wait to see you there for this exciting step towards a clean energy future

For more information

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Newcastle To Get Lion’s Share of Transition Funding under Greens Plan

Newcastle and the Hunter Valley will be eligible for a major share of $250 million in upfront investment to support and assist coal workers and coal communities to manage the transition to a low carbon future under a plan announced by the Greens today.

According to Newcastle Greens candidate John Mackenzie, the Greens’ Renew Australia policy to provide 90% of our nation’s energy needs from clean, renewable sources by 2030 includes establishing a Clean Energy Transition Fund to limit the risk and exposure of workers and communities dependent on carbon-intensive industries like coal mining. Continue reading

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Opinion: Perfect Storm for a Progressive Alternative in Newcastle

Newcastle has drawn the short straw when it comes to federal politics. Both Labor and the Coalition, for their own distinct reasons, have effectively abandoned any interest in presenting positive campaigns for the future in this electorate. This has amounted to wilful neglect of the real issues in our region, and a recurrent failure to deliver any meaningful benefits to our community. Continue reading

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Volunteer Spotlight – Banjo

One of our volunteers talks about volunteering in the 2016 Federal campaign.

Volunteer Spotlight - Banjo

If you want to get involved in phone banking, or any other volunteering activities to drive positive change in 2016 click here sign up!

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Newcastle’s Light Rail Farce Needs Urgent Intervention from Federal Candidates

John Mackenzie, Newcastle Greens, Candidate for Seat of Newcastle

John Mackenzie, Newcastle Greens

The Greens candidate for the Federal seat of Newcastle, Dr John Mackenzie, today called on newly endorsed federal Liberal candidates in the Hunter to publicly support the regional community’s concerns about the state Coalition government’s unfolding Newcastle light rail fiasco. Continue reading

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Vale John Kaye

John Kaye

NSW Greens MP Dr John Kaye died today after being diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in February.

Newcastle Greens will be gathering on Friday 4:00-6:00pm at the Burwood Hotel, 77 Berner Street, Merewether to remember his contributions and share our memories of this remarkable man.  John’s many Newcastle colleagues and friends are invited to attend.

Graham Whittall


Newcastle Greens

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Dr John Kaye MLC

Statement by Therese Doyle, Greens Councillor Newcastle City Council on the death of Dr John Kaye MLC.

Dr John Kaye was an outstanding parliamentary representative of the Greens who worked tirelessly for everything the Greens represent. He was such an articulate champion of public education, renewable energy, public health, and many other pressing causes, that it will very hard for the Greens to replace him.

Nevertheless, he has left us in the Greens, and in the broad progressive movement, a huge legacy.

One of John’s proudest achievements came here in the Hunter where he campaigned with local activists for four long years to save the Williams River and its priceless environment from the ill-conceived Tillegra Dam project. 

We will do our best to honour John’s memory. He made an unparalleled contribution to the political debate in NSW and beyond. He won the respect of his peers, in parliament and among those alongside whom he fought for progressive causes, through his relentless appeal to reason, to evidence and to social justice.

The Greens will honour his memory with renewed determination to struggle for all those issues he held dear. We will continue the fight to protect the planet from warming, for renewable energy, for proper funding for TAFE and all public education, for public hospital funding and most importantly, for effective democracy free from insidious influence-peddling by wealthy vested interests.

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Keep Rail on the Corridor Forum – Monday 9th May


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Air Quality Study Reveals Newcastle’s Pollution “Smoking Guns”

The results from the Lower Hunter Particle Characterisation Study released today by the NSW EPA pinpoints the sources of industrial air pollution in Newcastle and provides all the evidence needed for the EPA to embark on a targeted pollution reduction program, according to Greens candidate for the seat of Newcastle John Mackenzie.

Dr Mackenzie said that by focusing on both fine (PM2.5) and coarse particulates (PM2.5-10), it has provided a robust and complete air quality signature of the Newcastle area.

“The study gives us the long-awaited pollution smoking guns,” said Dr Mackenzie. “It has revealed the extraordinary contribution to particulate pollution from the Orica operations on Kooragang and the black carbon particles attributable to the city’s coal haulage industry, including the coal terminals.”

“This study has shown Newcastle to have an air quality signature characteristic of coastal cities worldwide in terms of natural particulates like sea spray and pollen, “said Dr Mackenzie. “But it also shows where Newcastle departs from the typical profile due to particle pollution from non-natural sources, especially from industrial sources at the Newcastle Port.”

“The exposure to excessive Ammonium Nitrate emissions being experienced by residents of Stockton and Mayfield is deeply concerning. Although the full health implications of these findings are not yet known, it is now clear there is a need for urgent action to bring that exposure within safe levels.”

The findings from a similar study by the EPA into the composition of visible black dust was also released today, and that found that the visible black dust in the port and rail suburbs is three times more likely to be coal than soot from diesel emissions or woodsmoke, and twice as likely to be coal than rubber.

Dr Mackenzie said “This study reinforces the Greens call for a national Air Pollution Control Act and a Commonwealth regulator, so that this kind of work can be extended to other pollution hotspots around the country. I’ll be campaigning for a nationally consistent approach to air pollution during the upcoming election.”

Dr Mackenzie said, “The innovative work on particle pollution characterisation is a landmark achievement, and demonstrates the kind of outcomes that are possible when industry, community, and government work together to find solutions to the complex issue of air pollution. Importantly, we now have an accepted evidence base that gives the EPA to act decisively and boldly in addressing particulate pollution in the Lower Hunter.”

“The Greens are committed to pollution reduction programs that aim to minimise air pollution at source,” said Dr Mackenzie. “Particle characterisation information allows this to be done with accuracy and evidence. The Greens will continue to argue for strict and enforceable limits in industry operating licenses, where the polluters themselves are financially responsible for the health and environmental costs of their pollution. Enforceable limits provide real incentives for ongoing improvements and the adoption of cleaner technologies, and works to bring air pollution back within safe levels of exposure, to the benefit of the entire community.”

More info

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Media Release: PM must restore cut CSIRO jobs in Newcastle.

Australian Greens Science spokesperson Adam Bandt MP and Greens NSW Senate candidate and Newcastle Councillor Michael Osborne have called on the Prime Minister to restore the jobs that were cut from CSIRO in Newcastle following Tony Abbott’s slashing of $111 million out of the CSIRO in the 2014 Budget.

The 2014 Budget cuts led to almost 20 per cent of jobs being lost at the CSIRO, including some at the Newcastle centre.

Mr Bandt is set to join Cr Osborne in Newcastle this Friday for a forum at Newcastle City Hall on innovation.

“The CSIRO in Newcastle has a world-class solar thermal research facility and this important research can make the Hunter a hub for clean energy,” Greens Senate candidate Cr Michael Osborne said.

“Unfortunately under this Liberal government we have seen scientists and staff at this facility lose their jobs.”

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal government must support the CSIRO and renewable energy research done here in Newcastle if we are to create jobs-rich future for the Hunter region by restoring these jobs and the cut funding,” Greens NSW Senate candidate Cr Michael Osborne said.

“Malcolm Turnbull talks big on innovation, yet investment in science, research and innovation remains at a 30-year low. It’s time for his actions to match his words.”

Greens Science spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said: “I’m proud to be joining Michael Osborne in Newcastle to discuss with the community, the future of the Hunter region and how we can truly become an innovation country.”

“Australia’s economy is transitioning, yet the Liberals don’t have a plan for when the mining boom is over. Right now, we’re at risk of ending up as a hollowed-out, uneducated quarry without sustainable jobs.”

“Our Federal Parliament needs more people like Michael Osborne standing up for people and fighting for investment in sustainable jobs.”

Media contacts:

Cr Michael Osborne – 0439 442 984

Adam Bandt MP – Adam Pulford, 0429 109 054

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