NSW by-elections 25 October 2014

The October by-elections are an opportunity for you to send a strong message about what YOU want for Newcastle.

The Greens’ Vision for Newcastle

Forget much of what you may have heard about The Greens – THIS is our vision for Newcastle.
Newcastle needs planning that puts people before a few rich developers and it needs development that respects our unique skyline.
Now, more than ever, Newcastle needs clean politics.

How we can get there

Newcastle Greens and Michael Osborne (a city Councillor for over 10 years) have developed a four-step action plan for Newcastle.

Step 1: To rebuild the city, begin with solid foundations

Institute a precinct-based strategy to rectify problems with the historical mine workings of the Newcastle CBD. The need for cavity grouting has been identified as a key obstacle for investment in the inner city.

Step 2: You can’t have transition without transit

Develop an integrated public transport, roads and cycling network that services Newcastle residents and surrounding communities through the creation of an independent regional transport authority. This would end the piecemeal Sydney-driven approach that has done Newcastle few favours.

Step 3: Bring out our creative side

Support Newcastle’s large and growing population of artists and creative industry professionals to build community connectedness and to stimulate enterprise and tourism. Strong links have been shown between a city’s creative richness and its economic strength.

Step 4: Take Newcastle to the world

Build a stronger tourism and hospitality sector to provide much needed economic diversity independent of the ups and downs of the coal industry.

What sort of future do YOU want?

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