Newcastle Council Ward 3 Election 2015

Nevenka Bareham

Greens Candidate for Newcastle Council Ward 3 By-Election

21st February 2015

Nevenka Bareham


I am standing as the candidate for the Ward 3 byelection in Newcastle in 2015 because I want to be more involved in the things that matter to me.

I care about our environment, I care about family, I care about social justice, and I want to work towards improving services that support our community.

I have lived in Newcastle for over 30 years having moved here from inner western Sydney. I raised my family here in the suburbs of Newcastle, and feel a strong tie to the area. I love the assets we have; a caring community, closeness to the beach and bush, as well as the benefits of a lively city.

I was brought up in the Christian faith, and with a strong sense of wanting to help others I became a Social Worker. The principles of Social Work lean heavily on social justice, respect for others and genuineness, so I found becoming a member of the Greens party was a natural progression for me. I value the Greens’ principles of grassroots democracy, social equality and economic justice, peace and non- violence, and caring for our environment. I have now been a Greens member for over 10 years, but was well and truly green long before that. For as long as I can remember I loved the outdoors, our flora and fauna, bushwalking, I have always been a peacemaker, and I dislike waste of any sort. I have been an ambassador for recycling; I was a founding member of the Friends of the Earth Newcastle (the group has since folded), and was part of the successful campaign lobbying the local council for recycling to come to the city, which was first achieved in 1990!

I have been an active member of my community, having been involved in many and varied committees at preschool, school, netball, and professionally. I have been employed in the health industry in Newcastle for over 30 years as a Social Worker in the fields of aged care, disability and mental health. In my current role as a manager I have developed skills required in managing a small team: being self-directed and organised, having good communication and problem solving ability.

Those who know me know that whatever I commit to I put my energy into to complete tasks and achieve good outcomes. This is what I will do if I am elected to the Newcastle City Council in 2015.

I look forward to your support and thank those that have already voiced their confidence in me.

For more information:

See Nevenka’s address to the Lambton Resident’s Group


Phone:        04 3121 1586



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