to ensure that human activity respects the integrity of ecosystems and does not impair biodiversity and the ecological resilience of life supporting systems.


to increase opportunities for public participation in political, social and economic decision making.

social justice:

to eradicate poverty by developing initiatives that address the causes as well as the symptoms of poverty.


to adopt and promote non-violent resolution of conflict; to develop an independent, non-aligned foreigh policy; to develop a self reliant, defensive, non-nuclear defence policy.

ecologically sustainable economy:

to develop economic policies which will ensure greater resource and energy efficiency as well as development and use of environmentally sustainable technologies.


to respect and protect ethnic, religious and racial diversity; to recognise the cultural requirements of the original Australians; to assist in ensuring the achievement of Aboriginal land rights and self-determination.


to ensure a responsible, diverse, democratically controlled, independent mass media.

global responsibility:

to promote equity between nations and peoples by facilitating fair trading relationships; providing for increased development assistance and concerted international action to abolish third world debt; opposing human rights abuses and political oppression.

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