Newcastle Greens formed in 1990 with the express purpose of contesting the 1991 local government election. At this election John Sutton was elected to Newcastle City Council.

Since then, Newcastle Greens has stood candidates in every local, state and national election. The adoption of the ward system in 1995 saw three Greens councillors elected to Newcastle council: John Sutton, Margaret Henry and Liz Rene. In 1999, two were elected: Margaret Henry and Ian McKenzie.

In 2004 the Greens have had their most successful election ever, with the Greens represented in each ward: Ian McKenzie (ward 1), Michael Osborne (ward 2), Keith Parsons (ward 3) and Casssandra Arnold (ward 4).

We mentored the formation of the Maitland Greens and the Central Cost Greens. We have also given financial support to other Greens organisations as well as local environmental and social justice groups.

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