21 August, 2017


The Greens today launched their campaign to contest all four wards and the Lord Mayoralty in the upcoming Newcastle Council election.

Lord Mayor and Ward 2 Candidate Therese Doyle was joined by lead Ward candidates John Mackenzie, Thomas Levick and Aesha Awan, to outline the Greens campaign to put the communities of Newcastle first, with the Council team committing to a stronger, more sustainable, more caring and more diverse Newcastle.

Campaign commitments included the development of an independent, integrated transport plan for Newcastle to address traffic, parking and public transport issues, and the establishment of a council-supported network of resident forums to enable genuine consultation.

All speakers at the launch highlighted the value of having continual Greens representation on Newcastle Council for the past twenty-five years, and acknowledged the achievements of past Greens Councillors on appropriate urban development, heritage preservation and the protection of Newcastle’s environment.

Therese Doyle, Lord Mayoral and Ward 2 candidate, said, “Newcastle Greens want a council that is transparent, open and accountable to its residents. We believe in a Council that does more than just roads, rates and rubbish, and actively contributes to the life of our communities and the liveability of our city. We stand for a Council that bases its decisions on reliable expert evidence, on maximising ecological sustainability for our city and on the interests of the majority of residents.

Now more than ever, Newcastle needs councillors who work hard for our natural and built heritage and for people-centred council services. The Greens have always and will always put community before powerful sectional interests,” said Ms Doyle.

Dr John Mackenzie, lead candidate for Ward 1, said, “The Greens are bringing a future focus for the city of Newcastle to this election. We have a vision of Newcastle as a vibrant and thriving 21st century city that embraces clean, smart technology and is a recognised hub of world-class innovation. To get there, we need a staunch Council that will resist the top-down directives from Parramatta planners, and instead work to defend the interests of Newcastle residents.”

Thomas Levick, lead candidate for Ward 3, emphasised his support for responsible and sustainable initiatives that are equitable for all in our growing city. “We will confront the issues that have been too long abused as political tools, like transport, infrastructure and public services,” said Mr Levick. “The Greens have always led on climate change and environmental justice, and I look forward to continuing this proud work here in Newcastle.”

Lead candidate for Ward 4 Aesha Awan said that the destruction of rail, ad hoc planning and reduced community services in Newcastle are linked to a failure to talk to communities about decisions that will affect them. “This is clearest in Ward 4, which is consistently left out when it comes to social services such as youth centres, and arts and community spaces. I will work for greater transparency and accountability on Council, and the revival of services that put people above profits,” she said.


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