Greens Join Call to Clean Up the Hunter


Greens candidate for the Paterson John Brown will be joined by Greens Senate candidate Cr Michael Osborne on Clean Up Australia day to put pressure on the Liberal State and Federal governments to address pollution in the Hunter region. 

“For too long successive Liberal and Labor Governments have turned their back on pollution management in Australia, and we are losing the battle,” said John Brown.

“The Greens have long had a position supporting a ban on single use plastic bags, and want to see a strategic approach to managing local waste generation,” said John Brown.

“From Greta to Fullerton Cove, plastics waste is a major problem, including tens of millions of plastic bags entering the environment every year causing pollution of waterways and oceans,” said John Brown.

“We know NSW remains well above the national average in litter so a plastic bag ban makes sense,” said John Brown.

“We need a national container deposit scheme, but the Federal Liberal government is sitting on its hands,” said Cr Michael Osborne.

“New South Wales can have a real, ‘South Australia’ style container deposit scheme that will reduce pollution and litter while  increasing recycling if only the Baird Liberal government decided to act and didn’t cave in to the beverage industry,” said Cr Michael Osborne.

“It is vitally important that New South Wales makes the right choice – what happens here could ultimately influence what happens all across the country. There is decades of evidence that a refund container deposit scheme is the way to go,” said Cr Michael Osborne.

“The Greens are strong supporters of evidence-based policy and banning the plastic bag and introducing a container deposit scheme will work to reduce waste in our environment,” said Cr Michael Osborne.

When: Sunday 6th March 2016, 10.30am

Where: Corner of Glenarvon Road and Flat Road, Largs

Who: Greens candidate for Paterson, John Brown and Greens Senate candidate Cr Michael Osborne

For comment: Contact Cr Michael Osborne on 0439 442 984 or John Brown on 0439 279 170

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