“Hands off our TAFE” Day of Action

Hands off TAFE Oct2015
This is your chance to do something to stop the destruction of TAFE in NSW. Please join us for the Newcastle action at Hamilton TAFE at 12:30pm on Monday October 12, bring signs and please share your photos of the action with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Greens are holding a “Hands off TAFE” Day of Action in NSW on Monday 12 October to coincide with the final listed public hearing for the NSW Upper House inquiry into vocational education and training (VET).

The marketisation of skills education in NSW has reached a critical stage with TAFE buildings being sold off, working conditions under attack and further job losses in the pipeline. Community understanding and outrage of the threat to TAFE’s future are growing daily. Now is the time to convert that anger into action to help stop the further erosion of the public system.

The “Hands Off TAFE” Day of Action allows you to choose how you want to be involved. You can participate in this mass collective action wherever you are located in NSW, at home or work, on the phone or computer, outside a TAFE campus, at a train station or in your community. We’ll have a range of actions you can take on Monday 12 October, from writing a letter or sending an email, through to leafletting a railway station and collecting names on a petition.

We’ll be asking all participants, no matter what action they take, to spread the Hands off TAFE message on social media.

All of the resources and materials you need to participate are available here.

It includes a guide to writing a letter to your local paper, a link to an email open letter to Premier Baird, a flyer and petition to download and distribute as well as a very cool new facebook square that you are welcome to share!

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