Osborne teams up with federal Greens to strengthen corruption watch dog, MPs code of conduct

Senator Lee Rhiannon is backing Michael Osborne, Newcastle Greens candidate, and his call for corruption watchdog measures to be tightened to remove the conflicts of interests many MPs have in dealing with the resource industry.

“Clean politics is a priority for the Greens in this election campaign. We need a legally binding code of conduct for MPs and corruption watch dog powers at all levels of government to remove the conflicts of interest between decision makers and backers of major projects,” Mr Osborne said.

“With so many Liberal and Labor MPs from the Hunter and the Central Coast caught up in ICAC investigations locals understand why these changes are needed.

“We need the separation between politics and business to be spelt out in law to restore public confidence in the democratic process and to eliminate loopholes that are exploited for quick profits.

“I welcome the support of Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon. We are working together to win uniform national and state standards on clean politics.

“Recent ICAC hearings revealed that corruption is not confined to NSW and that national uniform laws are essential if we are to clean up state politics.

Mr Osborne and Senator Rhiannon are working on a joint package of reforms that include uniform national and state laws that cover –

  • Ban on political donations from for profit organisations.
  • National ICAC equivalent to operate at the federal level.
  • Legally binding MPs’ Code of Conduct.
  • Five year limit before senior MPs and bureaucrats can work for companies that cover the sector they had previously worked in.
  • Greater transparency and regulation of lobbying activities.

Senator Rhiannon said it was essential to win uniform reforms at a state and national level.

“The Greens Clean Politics charter that Michael is promoting sets out a clear plan to clean up politics in NSW.

“Mr Osborne’s campaigning against damaging CSG projects has given him firsthand experience of why these comprehensive reforms are needed.

“The Greens plan puts pressure on the Liberal and Labor candidates running in Newcastle. They should be backing this plan if they are committed to ending the corrupting influence big corporate money is having on politics,” Senator Rhiannon said.

Contact Michael Osborne 0439 442 984

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