No More Ward 3 Park Selloffs Says Greens Candidate

Media Release Saturday 8th February 2015

The Greens candidate for the Ward 3 by-election, Nevenka Bareham, today called for an end to the loss of open space and parkland areas in Ward 3.

“Four of the six parks on Newcastle Council’s most recent hit list were in ward 3,” Ms Bareham said.

“I was shocked to discover Council had originally proposed to do this without consulting the community. Many residents are still unaware of this proposal.

Park for sale

“Some of these parks are near blocks of public housing and private rentals, where many people have children and no yards of their own.

“I’ve spoken to residents who’ve told me that children play in these parks, and that locals use them for picnics and cricket.

“One resident even said that she’d be willing to buy a swing set to make the area more attractive to local residents.

“People are rejecting the trend towards austerity and privatisation. They know that parks and gardens in urban areas are crucial for health, well-being, quality of life, and a sense of community.

“Under the cost-cutting, asset-stripping agenda of the previously dominant conservative bloc, Newcastle Council neglected some of these parks, and then used their deteriorated condition as a reason to sell them,” Ms Bareham said.

“I won’t support any further sell-off of such important assets, and I’ll work to ensure that council meets its responsibilities to the community to maintain them,” Ms Bareham said.

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Ward 3 includes Waratah, Waratah West, Georgetown, Lambton, New Lambton, North Lambton and Kotara.

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