Ward 3 Candidate Nevenka Bareham calls for footpath upgrades as students return to schools.

Media Release Saturday 3rd February 2015

As the school year starts for 2015, Greens candidate Nevenka Bareham has called for improved footpaths and cycle paths to assist students to walk and cycle to school.

“Only a quarter of NSW children aged between 5 and 15 years do at least 60 minutes of effective physical activity every day” said Ms Bareham.

“To promote a healthy lifestyle and to reduce the often dangerous congestion of cars at our local schools during pick up and drop off times, I’m calling for improved council infrastructure.”

“Some streets in the ward near local schools have no footpath at all; this is also an issue for anyone with mobility issues.”

She hopes to see footpath ramps on every corner, and footpaths where practical on both sides of the road, particularly close to our local schools.

“We could be promoting the idea of a walking bus or cycle to school groups, but not until students and carers have safe walkways in their suburbs.”

Ms Bareham believes that, for young riders in particular, cycle paths need to be separate from the roads, and not running adjacent to parked cars where drivers can open their doors onto cyclists. The council has agreed on an impressive cycle plan, and she wants to make sure it is implemented in full.

While out doorknocking and in shopping strips, a common issue people have raised with Ms Bareham is for Council to improve access for themselves and their children to get around the local shops and to other facilities like the swimming pool.

“Mothers with prams and others with a disability or walking aid simply want footpaths that join up and ramps at all corners. They want to be able to walk to the local shops on a Saturday morning and push their prams without being stopped by poor access. It’s not too much to ask!”

“Local business will benefit as well. Roads won’t be so clogged with cars. All can benefit from reduced carbon emissions and improved air quality”.

Contact: Nevenka Bareham Phone: 0431211586
Email: nevenkab@internode.on.net

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