Volunteer Door Knockers – We Need You!

IMG_1677Hi supporters,
We may all be feeling a little election fatigue in the Hunter, but there’s two more elections coming up – the Ward 3 by-election will be taking place on 21st February, 2015 and the NSW state election on the 28th March, 2015 – and you’re going to want to be a part of these dynamic campaigns!
Newcastle Greens are aiming to have a vigorous door knocking campaign, as recent campaigns in Victoria, particularly the seat of Melbourne, have proven just how effective they can be!
But Newcastle Greens need you! We would like to carry out the biggest door knocking campaign Newcastle Greens has undertaken but, without the help of the Greens’ amazing members and supporters, we will not achieve this. In the recent Newcastle state by-election, 1 in 5 Novocastrians voted Greens, with an overall increase of 5%! This is great news but we can do better! It’s good to remember that we did have a great door knocking campaign in the previous election, but time was limited due to the unexpected events of ICAC.

If you would like to be involved in our fantastic door knocking campaign again, or for the first time please contact us for more information and we’ll get you in contact with organizers.

There will be a doorknocking workshop held at Pachamama House at 3.30pm, Saturday 10th january following the Newcastle Plan Workshop.

For further information or to register your interest please email, carojen2015@gmail.com

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