The Newcastle Plan


The Greens will be a strong and proactive advocate for cycling in our City and region.

We believe Newcastle has the potential to be one of best cities for cycling in Australia, and that cycling is integral to the City’s revitalisation and future growth. Separating bikes from cars where possible helps motorists, too.

We aim to promote cycling as a healthy and sustainable form of transport and will work to provide the facilities and infrastructure that make it a viable alternative for residents and visitors.

Quality facilities and safe, connected bike routes and cycleways are part of a larger integrated transport network that includes affordable and reliable public transport.

For more information see the NSW Greens Transport policy



The Greens will work to ensure everyone in Newcastle has access to affordable, appropriate, safe, secure and healthy housing.

We support initiatives that provide pathways to home ownership, particularly for low income earners and will work to strengthen the rights of tenants so that long-term renting is a viable alternative to home ownership.

Our aim is to reduce homelessness and to cater for priority needs, including crisis and support accommodation

We believe innovative and sustainable urban design that provides environmentally responsible and community-oriented housing is essential to our City’s revitalisation and growth.

For more information see the NSW Greens Housing and Homelessness policy.


THE NEWCASTLE PLAN: Renewable energy

The Greens support a transition to 100% renewables and high-level energy efficiencies within 15 years.

We recognise that reducing waste through energy efficiency offers major economic, social and environmental benefits, by cutting energy costs and removing the need for new generating capacity.

Newcastle stands to benefit from the development of renewable energy and energy-efficiency industries that will drive local employment and research. Our region offers excellent opportunities for wind, solar, small-scale hydro, sustainable biofuels, wave and geothermal energy production.

Greenhouse gas emissions emitted as a result of burning fossil fuels for energy are NSW’s single biggest contributor to global climate change. We believe these forms of power generation should be phased out through a socially responsible transition to renewables.

For more information see the NSW Greens Energy policy


THE NEWCASTLE PLAN: Education and skills development

The Greens will enhance skill development and educational outcomes for people in Newcastle.

Our aim is to encourage a learning culture within the region that lifts educational levels standards? and strengthens our skill base to meet current and future workforce needs.

We support affordable, high quality, publicly funded education for all Newcastle and Hunter children at all stages of their development from early childhood to tertiary levels.

We believe adult education and training needs to be more closely linked to local business requirements and that Newcastle deserves government initiatives to support employment and boost the local economy.

With a recognised word class university and a TAFE system that has contributed significantly to Newcastle’s position in skilled technical manufacturing, Newcastle is poised to take advantage of coming opportunities in education and in the renewables industry.

For more information see the NSW Greens Education policy



The Greens will create more jobs in Newcastle while building our City’s wealth and wellbeing.

We believe in job creation through transition to renewable energy technologies, construction of sustainable housing, investment in better public transport and its local manufacture, and boosting tourism through improved infrastructure.

For more information see Hunter Jobs Plan.


THE NEWCASTLE PLAN:  Natural areas

The Greens recognise that even in the heart of a major industrial city there is a need to protect and restore the natural environment.

Newcastle has many exquisite natural areas that local people are passionate about – Glenrock and Blackbutt, the Hunter Estuary Wetlands and Nobby’s headland, to name a few.

These areas enhance our quality of life by providing beautiful places for recreation and education. Along with Newcastle’s street trees and urban vegetation, our natural areas and create a unique identity and sense of place for residents and visitors.

Our network of natural areas also provides crucial habitat for wildlife and delivers valuable ecosystem services to Newcastle residents.  These areas generate clean air, drain and filter stormwater, and help regulate temperatures by preventing the formation of heat islands.

We aim to ensure that Newcastle continues to develop and grow with well designed and managed urban vegetation and no net loss of remnant bushland.

We will work to further establish the Lower Hunter Green Corridor and restore and protect coastal biodiversity.

For more information see the NSW Greens National Parks and Wilderness policy.



Our aim is to achieve zero waste to landfill and we will work with individuals, community groups, institutions and businesses to actively reduce or eliminate waste generated in our City.

We are committed to putting in place the right incentives, facilities, collection services and educational programs that will allow us to work together to maximise resource recovery and minimise waste to landfill.

Recovering resources that would otherwise end up in landfill saves our City and its ratepayers money through reduced waste charges and tipping fees.

We believe in incentives that promote waste avoidance and encourage the re-use of materials, and we are committed to improving waste separation and kerbside collection services.

For more information see the NSW Greens Waste Elimination policy


The Newcastle Plan – Early Childhood Education

The Greens believe that provision of quality early childhood learning centres not only has immense benefits for the development of children but also both benefits for the community and the economy; in the short term freeing parents to return to work and in the long term producing well rounded, educated citizens.

The Greens will work with all spheres of Government to ensure Newcastle and Wallsend parents have access to a range of accessible, affordable, quality, early childhood learning centres, in our area.

For more information see NSW Greens Early Child Education policy.

Creating opportunity with high quality, accessible childhood education services

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