Therese Doyle, Newcastle Greens candidate for the upcoming Lord Mayoral by-election.

Therese DoyleNewcastle Greens today announced Therese Doyle, as their candidate for the upcoming Lord Mayoral by-election on 15 November.

Ms Doyle is currently a Greens councillor for Ward 2 on Newcastle City Council.

“Accountable government and people-centred planning will be at the heart of the Lord Mayoral by-election,” Ms Doyle said.

“Now, more than ever, Newcastle needs a Lord Mayor who places the interests of people and our environment, natural and built heritage, and council services before powerful sectional interests and economic rationalist ideology. My record as a Greens Councillor makes me the right person to take on the position of Lord Mayor.

“I have consistently championed transparent Council decision-making and the inclusion of residents’ voices in the affairs of council, and opposed the disproportionate influence of the development industry on decision-making in Newcastle.” Ms Doyle pledged that as Lord Mayor she will work for a thorough re-examination of Council’s financial position in order to prioritise services that serve the majority of Newcastle’s citizens.

“I will be campaigning strongly for Newcastle to receive its rightful contribution from the Port privatisation, and from any major future developments, such as the 4th coal terminal and the University of Newcastle’s city campus.”

“I also want to review council’s priorities, and re-establish its commitment to provide youth services, childcare, swimming pools, sporting facilities and directly support the arts” Ms Doyle said.

“Newcastle needs a fresh, honest, open and positive approach, and a council focused on the community interest rather than vested interests. It’s time we expunged the negative McCloy legacy and got some real jobs done for the people of Newcastle” Ms Doyle said.

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