Time to Stand Up Against Corruption

Let’s change “Do it anyway”, (quote from Mother Teresa, purportedly featured on Jeff McCloy’s desk) to “Do it right”.

With by-elections on 25th October, voters in the electorates of Newcastle and Charlestown have a unique opportunity to get away from the “do it anyway” mentality that has governed Newcastle in the past, and to let the old political parties know that using political office for the advancement of  vested interests is not on.

Many claim that voters have short memories, but Newcastle citizens don’t have to cast their memory too far back to recall the strong vein of political deal making, beholden to the money men, that runs through both the Labor and Liberal parties.Corruption

Contrary to the narrative run by their detractors, the Greens are not opposed to progress and development. But, not the “let’s get it done at all costs” mentality, particularly when it’s getting done at the behest of major contributors to a party’s election coffers.

What the Greens stand for is: considered, transparent and sustainable development; development of a sustainable renewable energy industry that will deliver jobs into the future, not reliance on dying fossil fuel extraction; planning processes that are fair to all, not biased to those with envelopes of cash to splash about; an education system that doesn’t gut our TAFE colleges, and a fair go for everyone in society.

Newcastle voters need to cast their minds back and ask themselves how many Greens politicians or supporters they have seen standing before the ICAC and then translate that to a sending a loud and clear message for clean government. They know if they vote for the Greens they’ll get that rarity in NSW politics – an honest politician. And, isn’t it time we had a few of those in the NSW parliament.



Exciting Opportunity for Greens Members and Supporters


When many ordinary people may look on with despair and disillusionment at the corrupt power politics being practiced in Newcastle and NSW it is no wonder that disengagement with the political process is running at all time high levels.

But, if you believe in democracy and the collective power of the people, this is an opportunity to wrest control back from those who are only in it for themselves. The Greens offer that opportunity to bring honest clean politics back to NSW at the same time as bringing back sensible planning and development.

As you know the Greens have always refused to take donations from any corporations, let alone from developers and the liquor and gambling industries. We are totally free from the taint of corruption. We rely on our volunteers to get out message out. So we need your help to spread the message as widely as possible.

Register you interest in helping at greensbyelection2014@gmail.com. Just think you may be able to tell your grandchildren that you worked on the campaign that changed politics in Newcastle and NSW for ever.

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