Cr Osborne slams conflict of interest in Newcastle CBD planning

Cr Michael Osborne today has called on the state government to be open and honest and remove themselves from planning for the Newcastle City Centre.

“The State Government has appointed their own state government developer UrbanGrowth NSW to coordinate the planning in our city,” Cr Osborne said.

“This is a conflict of interest because the state government developer is in bed with a private property group and this conflict of interest is totally unacceptable,” Cr Osborne said.

“It is like the local real estate agent determining the height of their own development, ignoring the nearby heritage buildings and view corridors,” Cr Osborne said.

“Planning for the Newcastle City Centre should be carried out with the Newcastle community not driven by developers,” Cr Osborne said.

“Planning for the Newcastle City Centre needs to protect and enhance the environmentally sensitive areas and natural and cultural heritage of Newcastle City Centre for the benefit of present and future generations,” Cr Osborne said.

“The proposed towers that will obscure the cathedral and are just too high; they should be shifted to Newcastle West where higher buildings are allowed,” Cr Osborne said.

“In some parts of Newcastle West, buildings up to 90metres tall are allowed under the Newcastle Local Environment Plan,” Cr Osborne said.

“The State Government needs to respect the Newcastle Local Environment Plan which is focussed on providing public meeting spaces, retaining Newcastle’s unique heritage and providing cycling and pedestrian access to the city centre,” Cr Osborne said.

Cr Osborne is supporting the Newcastle Inner City Residents Alliance Meeting at 7pm, Monday 14 April in the Hunter Room of Newcastle City Hall.

Contact:         Michael Osborne 0439 442984

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