Get the Caravan of Courage back on the road

During the last Federal election the Newcastle Greens ran an innovative and inspiring campaign that included producing beer coasters (it is Newcastle after all!) and having a campaign caravan that was used as a mobile office to reach out to the community of Newcastle, to listen to their views and to communicate directly about important issues.


At the end of the campaign, the caravan was stolen in what could only be described as “an audacious robbery”. After a story in the local media, the caravan was recovered from the brazen burglar’s backyard but the Caravan of Courage had suffered a lot of damage…

The Greens placards had all been ripped off, the door was bent, a window was smashed, the skylight had been jammed open and there was some rain damage. The Green Machine was in a sad state.

The Newcastle Greens have decided to trial “crowd funding” for the repair of the Caravan of Courage.

Please check out our Start Some Good webpage with our Grand-Designs-inspired crowd funding video and, if you can, donate to get the Caravan of Courage back on the road.

Cr Michael Osborne

Newcastle Greens Councilor

But there is hope on the horizon!

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