(Instructions – two email addresses,  one email SUBJECT LINE TO READ – PWCS T4 PROJECT PROCEDURAL ERROR – SUBMISSIONS)

ATTN:  Major Project Assessments, Dept of Planning & Infrastructure

RE:    Reveiw of Port Waratah Coal Services
Terminal 4 Project (MP10_0125)
Preferred Project Report  November 2013

Submission of Support from The City of Newcastle (Govt Agency & Org)

To Whom it May Concern

As a resident of Newcastle, I object to the above submission inferring my support for the proposed fourth coal terminal at Newcastle Port (Terminal 4 Project MP10_0125)  The submission, signed by Cr J McCloy,  Mayor of Newcastle is misleading.

It is apparent Cr McCloy does not hold the procedural authority to speak on Newcastle City’s behalf in this matter. Therefore,  I request his submission in support of the proposal is withdrawn until such time as the matter is endorsed or otherwise by due Newcastle Council process.

Please confirm receipt of this email and the action DOP will take in this matter at your earliest convenience.

Yours faithfully,

cc the above email to:


ATTN:   Mr Ken Gouldthorp,  General Manager,  Newcastle City Council

RE:        Submission from The City of Newcastle, Nov 2013 to Dept Planning and Infrastructure
Review of Port Waratah Coal Services T4 Proposal

I refer to my email directed to Department of Planning and Infrastructure regarding Cr McCloy’s submission on behalf of the City of Newcastle in support of PWCS T4 Proposal.
Could you please advise me at your earliest convenience if Cr McCloy is in breach of Council’s code of conduct?
Yours faithfully,

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