Review of Port Waratah Coal Services Terminal 4 Project (MP10_0125) Preferred Project Report, November 2013 – Objection – Newcastle Greens

This document outlines the important deficiencies in the “REVIEW OF PORT WARATAH COAL SERVICES TERMINAL 4 PROJECT” (the Project).

The document does not focus on the obvious deficiencies of this project with respect to climate change, the unacceptable impact on the Hunter Estuary wetlands, the unacceptable impact on threatened species, the unacceptable impact on the local air quality, surface and ground water.

This submission will focus on the deficiencies of this proposal and the documentation arranged into four main categories:

  • the claimed merits and potential for the Project;
  • the scope of the Benefit Cost Analysis in its current form;
  • the narrow and unacceptable parameters applied to economic benefits and costs associated with the project; and
  • the vast range of externalities overlooked and/or ignored by the proponent in the current proposal document.

By failing to address and misrepresenting the vast range of impacts that the T4 Project will have, the current proposal document necessarily fails to present appropriate measures to avoid, minimise and/or offset these impacts. Further, the Proponent’s Review documents have failed to adequately present any new information to influence or change original objections to the original T4 Project proposal.

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