NSW Planning Law Forum with David Shoebridge

David Shoebridge will be speaking on the final NSW Planning Bill 2013 that has just  been passed by the lower house  of the NSW Parliament (opposed by the Greens and Labor) and is about to go to the Upper House.
This bill still retains most of the pro-devloper features it always had and continues to shut the community out of most significant  consultation or decision-making. Of particular concern are
  • the powers of unelected officials regional planning committees to make major decisions on local developments,
  • the continued existence of “code-assessable” developments;
  • the virtual absence of ecological considerations in planning decisions — Ecologically Sustainable Development is no longer referred to
The meeting will start at 12.00 pm and finish at 1.30 pm at the Joy Cummings Centre, Pacific St, Newcastle on Saturday 9 November. Light refreshments will follow.
Hope to see you there
Therese Doyle
ph: 0434 257 892 for further info
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