Renters often get a raw deal. Is it time you had a rental health check?

Rental houses like this one can be overpriced and under-maintained. With escalating rents and the shortfall in available rental properties, more and more renters are competing with each other for what can be substandard, over-priced, insecure or inappropriate housing.

Despite renters making up one third of all Australian households, no-one is standing up for renters — until now.

As we prepare to launch the Greens Renters Rights package, we want to hear from YOU.

Please take a few minutes to complete the Rental Health Check survey here.

Do you think your rent is fair? Have you been frustrated by lack of maintenance and upkeep at your rental property? Do you feel safe and secure in your rental home? Do you think you have higher utility bills because of inefficient appliances? We want to go beyond the stats and hear your stories.

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