Warkworth Appeal – a Win for Common Sense

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Monday 15 April 2013

 Warkworth Appeal – a Win for Common Sense

Hunter Communities Network (HCN) congratulates member group, Bulga Milbrodale Progress Association, and the NSW Land and Environment Court for overturning the NSW Government decision to approve the Warkworth mine expansion.

‘This is a win for common sense and for responsible environmental and community protection,’ said Bev Smiles, spokesperson for HCN.

‘The ongoing expansion of the coal industry has been aided and abetted by the NSW Government in a planning process that lacks rigour and independent review. The consideration of the Warkworth mine approval by the Land and Environment Court has confirmed the inadequacy of the approvals process.’

Communities in the Hunter Valley are heartened by the judgement to overrule the Warkworth Mine approval.

‘The protection of sensitive areas of the natural environment in the endangered Warkworth Sands Woodlands is an important outcome of this judgement, as well as the protection of the community of Bulga,’ said Bev Smiles.

The next community based appeal, against the Ashton South East Open Cut mine, will be commencing in August.

‘The Warkworth judgement gives the community great confidence that the threats to Glennies Creek and the Camberwell village from the Ashton mine expansion will be given the same level of independent consideration by the Land and Environment Court.’

‘HCN believes that the cumulative impacts of current mining operations in the Hunter Valley are causing irreparable environmental and social damage. Any expansion of the industry cannot be justified. The Land and Environment Court decision against the Warkworth expansion has confirmed community concerns.

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