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Newcastle Urban Renewal Strategy 2012: Submission Guide:

Some useful points that you could include in your submission:

  • This is an important document for the future of Newcastle and yet was placed on exhibition over the Christmas holiday period, I hereby request an extension of time to prepare my submission.
  • This strategy focussing too much on providing benefits for developers rather than residents.
  • The strategy has many glossy photos but there is no funding for infrastructure (eg upgrading of public spaces). The State Government should fund the infrastructure needed to revitalise our City by a levy on all goods passing through the port.
  • The rail line should be kept into the city centre as a key component of getting people back into the city. Public transport needs to be improved not reduced.
  • The strategy ignores our changing climate. All new development should conform to the Green Building Council of Australia 5-star (Australian Excellence) and 6-star (World Leader) ratings.
  • The provision of infrastructure should occur in front of demand, acting as a stimulus for development. This infrastructure includes improvements to public transport, cycleways, park-and-ride facilities, public domain improvements, health and education facilities as well as a targeted mine-workings grouting program.
  • Our city should be accessible for all and the strategy needs firm requirements for a mix of housing to accommodate students and people on low-incomes.
  • The future development in the city should deliver human-scale public spaces, not areas surrounded by fat, obese buildings. The State Government should not impose bulky buildings on Newcastle.
  • The heritage buildings in our city need urgent restoration, especially the State Government owned Post Office. The strategy needs clear guidelines and incentives for restoration of heritage buildings.
  • I support the City university campus, but it only makes sense if the rail line is kept so there is a direct connection to the Callaghan campus.
  • The state government must ensure adequate educational infrastructure to cater for the projected increased population.
  • Place-making needs to be community-centred and consultative and the State Government needs to support Newcastle’s lively artistic and cultural life.

The State Government’s plan for Newcastle is available online at and is on exhibition until Sunday 17 March 2013.

Hard copies of the strategy are available from the Department of Planning & Infrastructure Level 2, 26 Honeysuckle Drive NEWCASTLE.

Written submissions should be sent by Sunday 17 March 2013 to Department of Planning & Infrastructure GPO Box 39 SYDNEY NSW 2001 or emailed to


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