Make friends, make decisions, make change

We need to see more active local membership involvement in 2013 than ever before.

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Make friends, make decisions, make change

Are you a Newcastle Greens member who doesn’t get to meetings much?

Australia is standing on the abyss of coast-to-coast right wing governments and it looks like only the Greens can do anything to hold back the tide of unlimited coal mine development, neighbourhood fracking, removal of existing public transport infrastructure, rampant freeway development, reduced community involvement in planning and many other social ills dear to Liberal Government’s hearts.

Newcastle Greens Councillors involved in community decisionsWith an Abbot lead government looking more likely every day we need you more than ever.

Tony Abbott’s vision for Australia is dominated by self-interest, fear and greed. Last time the Coalition gained control of both Houses of Parliament, John Howard gave us WorkChoices. Just imagine what Tony Abbott would do with that amount of control and no check on his power. Julia Gillard and Labor have lost their way. They are too busy competing with Tony Abbott in the race to the bottom.

The next seven months will be critical to Australia’s future. We need to do everything we can to ensure the Greens have a strong presence in the upper house to act as a brake on the Liberal’s more outrageous plans.

But it’s not all serious. Local Groups offer a fun way to be involved in a supportive environment and to have a say in the future. With their grassroots organisation the Green’s local groups are the foundation of the Greens political party with the power to make local decisions resting solely with the Local Group. There can be no parachuting of celebrity candidates from “head-office” – the greens don’t have a head-office! Local Group meetings are the soul of the Party where the decisions are made and where Green’s policy begins.

John Sutton and Michael Osborne celebrate 21 years of the Newcastle Greens with Australian Green's leader Christine Milne

If you’re you passionate about changing Australia into a more compassionate society, or you can see Newcastle is crying out for better public transport, or maybe you just think there has to be a better way why not get together with like minded people who you will find share and support your ideas, make a date to come along to the next Newcastle Greens meeting at 2:00pm 9th March at the Joy Cummings Centre on the corner of Scott and Pacific Streets, East Newcastle. You’ll find us a welcoming bunch more than glad to accept you and any contribution you can make.

Or, if you can’t make the Local Group meetings, contact us to volunteer your time with election campaigning activities such as letter boxing and handing out on election day. We are always in need of more people power. Even if you haven’t done anything like this before there will be plenty of people to support you and show you the ropes

Not a Member? – Join Now

Support ecological sustainability, social justice, grassroots democracy, and peace and non-violence

Newcastle Greens need more involved members to help get their message across at local, Sate and Federal levels.

We are involved in, and support, many community movements such as opposing coal seam gas drilling at Fullerton Cove, stopping the building of the T4 Coal loader, exposing the Liberal Sate Government and Liberal dominated Newcastle Council’s plans for developer dominated “revitalisation” of the Newcastle CBD by hobbling local public transport, and campaigning against shooting in National Parks, to name a few. We also present a strong voice of reason on the Liberal dominated Newcastle Council.

Newcastle Greens campaign for Container Deposit Legislation to improve waste recycling and minimise cost to local government

But there is much more to do! We have a great NSW Senate candidate in Cate Faehrmann but we need to run a strong campaign to ensure she gets to Canberra.

Cate Faehrmann - Lead Senate candidate for NSW

Cate is a passionate environmentalist and social justice advocate. She has been a Greens Member of the NSW Legislative Council since 2010.

During her time in Parliament, she has been a strong advocate for the environment, including working to protect national parks and marine protected areas, fighting for tougher pollution laws and campaigning around animal welfare. She fights hard for increased public transport investment, including light rail and cycling infrastructure.

So if you aren’t a member and are concerned with the way Australia is going why not join up today and come along to one of the local Group’s monthly meetings. You’ll be joining a community of people dedicated to grassroots democracy and creating social and environmental change.

Or, if you can’t spare the time please consider making a donation. As you probably know, the Greens do not take donations from corporate sponsors so we are always behind the other Parties.

Be part of the solution. Take a stand and join us today.

Join now.

Current events including monthly Local Group meeting schedule.

NSW Greens

Cate Faehrmann for the Senate


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