Together We’ll stop T4. Join the rally on Saturday March 16th

Picture this. 

 It’s 10am, Saturday March 16th. A perfect Newcastle morningHundreds of people have gathered in the park beside Customs House. Families, community groups and children. Together we declare our visions for Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. We take to the street, waving colourful banners, walking to the beat.
What a powerful way to communicate unified hope for a healthy, prosperous Newcastle. What a powerful way to communicate our opposition to the proposed 4th coal terminal.

That’s our vision. The Coal Terminal Action Group (CTAG) is planning a rally for Saturday March 16th and we are hoping the Newcastle Greens can join us to make sure it’s big, fun and high impact.

Put March 16th in your diary now.

Can we send you some posters and leaflets for the rally? What can we do to help you mobilise your networks to the rally? Please:

  • Download posters and fliers here to spread the word throughout your community.
We’re counting on you to make the rally a huge success.
CTAG community organiser with the Hunter Community Environment Centre 
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