NOTICE OF MOTION: Review of Urban Forest Policy



Noting that
(i)            The role of a councillor is to represent the interests of the residents and ratepayers and to provide leadership and guidance to the community (Local Government Act 1993, Section 232),
(ii)          Council is obliged under its Charter to exercise community leadership and to provide directly or on behalf of other levels of government, after due consultation, adequate, equitable and appropriate services and facilities for the community (Local Government Act 1993, Section 8), and
(iii)         Newcastle City Council adopted the Newcastle Urban Forest Plan in 2008 based on a more extensive Background Paper and associated workshops in 2007.

That Newcastle Council

  1. Receive a briefing from a relevant Council Officer on the current implementation of the Council’s Urban Forest Policy and issues surrounding the policy with particular reference to the community consultation aspects of the plan
  2. Review the Urban Forest Plan to reflect developments in community consultation processes and other factors that are considered in best practice examples of urban forest management nationally and internationally.
  3. Ensure that community consultation play a significant role in this review.


Council adopted its current Urban Forest Policy largely based on a Background Paper: See:


Since that time, there have been significant changes in the way that Council manages its trees, making it a standard-setter for best practice in many aspects of urban forest and tree management. However, some issues have arisen with a significant sector of the community objecting to the way in which Council has managed its trees over the last few years. Since the background paper and the subsequent policy place significant emphasis on community consultation, it is timely that the Council review the policy and its implementation in an open and collaborative fashion.

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