Action at the HOMEFRONT

Dear Members and Supporters,

RE:  Community call for Commission of Inquiry into the Development of Newcastle Port

We need to collect a minimum of 500 hard copy signatures for the attached petition by 16th November in order for MLC Cate Faehrmann to present to Parliament by the end of this year.

Even if only you sign a printed version of the petition, your support is valued.

You will need to print off a hard copy of the petition and follow the instructions on the separately attached cover sheet – remembering to mail to Megan prior to 16th November or hand to Cathy Burgess or myself by that date.

A number of community groups are circulating the petition under their own banners.  The Port Forum Working Group is working closely with them.

For those of you who choose to take action – well done and thanks.

Any problems, enquiries please email Megan or Cathy Burgess  or myself

Claire Charles,  Convener Newcastle Greens.

Download petition here.

Covering letter with instructions here.

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