NSW Greens State Delegates Council

The meeting of the NSW Greens State Delegates Council (SDC) in October (in Beaumont St, Hamilton), is a rare opportunity for local members to meet Greens from around NSW, to observe or even participate in the decision-making of our State party’s governing body, and to connect with the Green tribe. State Delegates Councils meet every couple of months, only once every 2-3 years in the Hunter, and are attended by most of our elected NSW-based members of Parliament. Parliamentarians provide reports on what they are doing with some opportunity to ask questions.

Issues such as the T4 Coal Loader and Coal Seam Gas will also be discussed at this meeting.

As a member of Newcastle Greens you are entitled to observe (at a cost of $15 per day to cover lunch and morning and afternoon teas) any part or whole of the meeting. It begins at 9.30am (for a 10o’clock start) on Saturday 20 October and usually goes until 5 or 5.30 that day. It resumes at 9am on Sunday 21 October and usually finishes around 4.30 or 5pm (sometimes earlier).

A meeting of the Newcastle Greens State & National Matters Working Group will be called in the preceding weeks to discuss any proposals that are up for discussion or adoption. Delegates from Newcastle must attend this meeting, and go to the SDC with the group’s position in mind. I urge you to set aside at least some time in your weekend to experience grassroots democracy NSW Greens style.

Carrie Jacobi
Newcastle Greens Secretary

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