You can stop a new mega coal terminal in Newcastle

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The NSW Government will soon decide whether or not to approve a fourth coal terminal for Newcastle. This terminal, T4, would double the volume of coal exported from Newcastle. It would also double the coal dust from coal trains, piles and loading that blankets suburbs between the Hunter’s coal mines and the harbour.

NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner knows that air pollution in Newcastle is already at dangerous levels. That’s why her Department opposes T4, and she’s not the only one: more than 90% of the 450+ submissions on the new coal mega terminal were opposed to it, including Newcastle City Council.

We know what we want, but we’ve got be in this together and keep the pressure up to win it. Let’s make it overwhelmingly clear that the health of our community is not for sale.

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People living and working along the coal corridor between the Hunter mines and Newcastle Harbour are already exposed to harmful levels of coal dust and fine particle pollution – including more than 23,000 students attending schools within 500 metres of open coal trains.

That’s because unlike Queensland where coal wagons are covered to minimise pollution as they travel, here there’s no such protection.  Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) agree air quality is already poor in Newcastle, and is likely to be already negatively impacting on the health of people
living here. Even the Prime Minister told Newcastle residents it’s time for more information about the impact of coal dust on our health.

We should be making things better, not worse. Tell the NSW Government the last thing we need is more coal pollution hurting our health, our kids and our environment.

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But surely they’ll be new jobs, right? Apparently not. T4 isn’t predicted to create any new jobs. What it will do is pack 15 new large, open cut coal mines into the Hunter Valley and Gunnedah Basin – exporting ever more coal and releasing carbon pollution equivalent to more than half of Australia’s
total annual emissions.

In Newcastle, we’re sick of coal. Literally. Please help us protect community health, our environment and the quality of our air. Follow the link to send your letter to NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and his team – including Planning Minister Brad Hazzard and State Member for Newcastle, Tim Owen. After all, they were elected to represent us, not big coal.

We can stop this thing if we all pull together: write your letter now >

Thanks for being in this together,

Ben  (for the Coal Terminal Action Group)

PS: Big coal may be a powerful lobbying force, but so are we. Tim Owen won the state seat of Newcastle by a very narrow margin, and needs to act in the public interest in order to keep his seat. But we can’t get what we want if we don’t speak up, so write your message now.


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