We need your help – Newcastle Council Elections

We NEED your help – we are only 9 days from Election day.

The Newcastle Greens need your help to ensure that we secure seats on the newly elected council to move Newcastle forward towards a more visionary Green future.

You can help by:-

  • staffing a pre-polling booth in the lead up to the election
  • letterbox leaflet drops in the lead up to the election
  • handing out how-to-vote cards at polling booths on election day

Staffing a booth or handing out how-to-vote cards could make a difference of between 1-4% – the difference between having 1 councillor elected or having all 4 councillors elected.

If you can spare some of your time to steer Newcastle in the right direction, please call the Newcastle Greens office on ph: 02 49616194 (between 10am-6pm) or Nevenka Bareham (after hours ph: 02 49675335).

The pre-polling booths are in Denison Street, Newcastle West and in Nelson Street, Wallsend.  The booths are open weekdays from Monday 27th August at 8.30am and close at 5.00pm (except on the last day prior to election day the booths will close at 6.00pm).

We have over 60 letterbox areas to deliver to – we are sure to have a letterbox drop in your area that you may be able to assist with.

We look forward to hearing from you and we appreciate your volunteer help.

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