The NSW Government must act now to stop the Dart Energy pilot production coal seam gas development that threatens the Fullerton Cove community, our water catchment and internationally significant wetlands.

This project, approved under the watch of the O’Farrell Government in June of this year, risks contaminating local groundwater bores that residents use for drinking water as well as the Ramsar listed wetlands located just 500m from the drill site.

There are some places simply to precious to mine. Fullerton Cove is one of those places.

The Dart Energy exploration project has already had a number of non-compliance issues including ‘the failure to properly rehabilitate a site … possible acid sulphate soil issues’ and a ‘lack of appropriate surface water and groundwater monitoring.’

Due to these environmental failures, Barry O’Farrell must call on the Energy Minister Chris Hartcher, who had the power to suspend or cancel Dart Energy’s exploration licence under Petroleum Act.

Call or email Barry O’Farrell and and tell him Fullerton Cove is no place for a gas field. He must act now to protect our water supply.

Also contact your local member, Craig Baumann for Port Stephens or Tim Owen for Newcastle.

Some points you may want to mention to Barry and your local member:

·             The residents of Fullerton Cove and surrounding areas such as Fern Bay, Stockton, Medowie, Port Stephens and Newcastle do not want a coal seam gas field in their backyards on top of an important groundwater system

·             Both the Port Stephens and Newcastle councils have passed moratoriums to oppose coal seam gas drilling in Fullerton Cove

·             It is in within Energy Minister Chris Hartchers powers to suspend drilling in Fullerton Cove, without having to pay any compensation

·             The riot police were recently called in to break up a peaceful protest of local residents who want to protect their water and community, a 95 year old great grandmother was given a fine by these police

·             Dart Energy have not consulted with the local community since the community launched the peaceful protest and have not listened to their plea for a stop work until their case is heard in the Land and Environment Court

·             Dart Energy’s exploration project was found to be non-compliant on a number of environmental issues including ‘acid-sulphate soils’

·              Fullerton Cove was found to be at the highest risk of acid-sulphate soil issues of five sites studies in the Lower Hunter Estuary


The Hon. Barry O’Farrell, MP
GPO Box 5341
P: 02 9228 5239

The Hon. Craig Baumann MP
82 Port Stephens St,
Raymond Tce NSW 2324
P: 02 4987 4455

The Hon. Tim Owen MP
414 Hunter St
Newcastle NSW 2300
P: 02 4926 1126E:

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