National Container Deposit Scheme Legislation – Media Release



Locals Show Overwhelming Support for National Container Deposit Scheme

“Yesterday, Newcastle residents joined us in showing their overwhelming support for a container deposit scheme by participating in our own buyback event”, said Newcastle Greens Ward 3 candidate, Keith Parsons.

The Greens have been campaigning with the community for many years for a container deposit scheme. Around 6000 containers were collected in 2 hours. More than 50 members of the community bought in cans, bottles and other containers, many expressing bafflement as to why the government will not support container buy-back schemes in NSW.

“We Australians buy more than 13 billion recyclable containers every single year, but less than half of these get recycled. The rest end up in landfill or polluting our streets, parks and waterways.

“They create an eyesore, and endanger our wildlife. Every new container uses more non-renewable resources and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Locally, councils spend an enormous amount of money cleaning up after irresponsible disposal of recyclable containers”, Mr Parsons said.

“It’s a scheme that has clear community support, conserves precious resources, and reduces environmental damage – and it has a proven track record. At the moment, the communities and councils still pick up the tab for waste generated by the packaging industry.

“CDS is an idea whose time is now well overdue.

“Newcastle Greens are committed to ensuring that our local government supports, in any way it can, the introduction of a permanent container deposit scheme across Australia.

“It would create many new jobs, significantly reduce litter, and increase the recycling of drink containers. In South Australia, where the scheme has been operating successfully for over 30 years, five times fewer recyclable containers were reported to be picked up on Clean Up Australia Day.

“A CDS will have a positive community impact for charities and schools, which can make money out of collecting and recycling containers through the scheme”, Mr Parsons said.

For comment please contact:

Mr Keith Parsons – Ward 3 Candidate, Newcastle Greens

Home: 02 4926 5301
Mobile: 0408 446 022 or
Alternative mobile: 0447 611 066

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