Greens launch Newcastle Council campaign

Friday 17th August

The Federal Parliamentary Leader of The Greens, Christine Milne, today launched The Greens campaign for the Newcastle Council elections.

Ms Milne was joined for today’s launch by The Greens’ four lead candidates for the Newcastle election: Councillor Michael Osborne (Ward 1), Therese Doyle (Ward 2), Keith Parsons (Ward 3), and John Sutton (Lord Mayor and Ward 4).

Ms Milne said that it was a real pleasure to be in Newcastle today to see so many good Greens candidates, and emphasised the need to work hard together as a community to move Australia away from polluting fossil fuels and onto renewable energy.

“I admire all the hard work the Newcastle Greens are doing, working with community groups on the city’s environmental, social and health concerns,” she said.

Ms Milne launched the campaign during a visit to the city to hear the concerns of community and environment groups about local pollution, and the future of Newcastle Port and the coal industry.

She will also be the guest speaker at a celebration party tonight marking 21 years of continuous Greens representation on Newcastle Council.

Newcastle Greens are releasing a comprehensive set of local policies for the council election, which can be viewed or downloaded from our website, at:


Christine Milne (Federal Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Greens)

“It is a real pleasure to be in Newcastle today and to see so many good Greens candidates. We need to work hard together as a community to move this country away from polluting fossil fuels and onto renewable energy and I admire all the hard work the Newcastle Greens are doing, working with community groups on the city’s environmental, social and health concerns,” said Senator Christine Milne at the launch of the Newcastle Greens local council election campaign.”

John Sutton: (Lord Mayoral candidate)

“As The Greens Lord Mayoral candidate for Newcastle and as the first Greens councillor elected in Australia 21 years ago, I’m proud to have been part of what The Greens have contributed to providing the basis for a sustainable future for our city. Over those 21 years, Greens councillors have worked hard to give substance to the vision and hope of Novocastrians who care about the kind of world and the kind of local communities that we are passing on to our kids. While we celebrate our past, we’re also laying the ground for our future with a talented and experienced team of candidates committed to values and policies that will appeal to anyone who shares our vision for a sustainable Newcastle, and who wants a healthier, happier, fairer community, where people feel valued and safe.”

Michael Osborne (Ward 1 candidate,  and current Newcastle councillor for Ward 1)

“To open new opportunities for our business, manufacturing and service providers, Newcastle should commit to being a carbon neutral city by 2020. It’s a necessary vision that can be achieved and will bring benefits to Australia’s sixth largest city. The transformation that is required in our response to a changing climate presents new opportunities for our Council to work with the community towards this big vision. Leadership is needed and our Council is in the best position to drive it with this vision for the future.

Therese Doyle (Ward 2 candidate):

“Newcastle is a distinctively beautiful coastal city that retains many elements of its built and natural heritage, despite some ugly developments foisted on it by successive state governments and developers with an eye only to profit margins. The Greens want to maintain and build on Newcastle’s best features with the support of residents. We will participate actively in a revitalisation of the city that is centred on inclusion and community needs, and includes a lively arts and cultural scene based on small and medium sized entertainment venues.”

Keith Parsons (Ward 3 candidate):

“Newcastle is one of Australia’s hidden treasures, and envied by outsiders who visit us. It has  a great lifestyle, a mainly human scale built environment, and a wealth of built and natural heritage. The Greens greatly respect and are committed to conserving  this. Our pledge is to a genuinely open, transparent and accountable council, in partnership with, rather than ruled by, council management. This has been our record since our first Greens councillor was elected in 1991. Greens councillors are indispensible if we want to achieve sustainable new development that puts people before profits and that respects sound town planning principles and policies. We will work towards improving public transport across our local government – including retaining the rail line and rail services to Newcastle Station”.

John Sutton (Ward 4 candidate):

“Ward 4 is the largest and most populous ward in Newcastle, with some of our city’s most valuable natural heritage (the Kooragang and Hexham wetlands, and large tracts of bushland), and our most polluting industries (the Kooragang Island industrial area, and  the Summerhill landfill). It’s also home to many of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities and individuals, who are crying out for better basic services and for a fair go from council, and who would be the most affected by council service cuts and asset stripping. We want to work to build healthy, caring local communities and to protect the natural environment on which our lives depend.”

For more information or comment contact:

Christine Milne (Federal Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Greens): 0400 425 873

John Sutton (Lord Mayoral and Ward 4 candidate): 0411 154 004

Michael Osborne (Ward 1 candidate, and current Newcastle councillor): 0439 442 984

Therese Doyle (Ward 2 candidate): 0434 257 892

Keith Parsons (Ward 3 candidate): 0408 446 022


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