Greens lead charge for electric Lord Mayoral car

Greens councillors will move to make Newcastle Council’s next Lord Mayoral vehicle an electric car, and to have recharge stations for electric vehicles installed in city car parks, The Greens Lord Mayoral and Ward 4 candidate for Newcastle, John Sutton, said today.

“Today’s Electric Vehicle exhibition at the Newcastle Foreshore has shown that electric vehicles are now being commercially produced for a range of different purposes, and are becoming increasingly popular for both financial and environmental reasons,” Mr Sutton said.

“Electric vehicle technology is still evolving, but because they can draw their energy from non-polluting renewable sources (such as solar and wind), electric vehicles are part of the answer to meeting the challenge of climate change and local air quality.

“Newcastle Greens believe that Newcastle Council – and especially the Lord Mayor – has a responsibility to show leadership and set the standard for other local organisations. The car that bears the Lord Mayoral NCC 001 number plate should be electric.

“Electric vehicles need to be recharged, so another way the council can encourage Novocastrians to take up the electric vehicle option would be to provide easily accessible recharge stations.

“These could be provided in public car parks, perhaps for free or at a cost-recovery price, allowing EV drivers to recharge their vehicles while they are parked.

“In this, Newcastle is lagging behind other significant Australian cities, which already provide such recharge stations – it’s time that Newcastle at least caught up,” Mr Sutton said.

“These policy points will be contained within our soon-to-be-released Connected Cities policy for the September Newcastle Council election, and will be part of our vision for making Newcastle a more sustainable city, with a council that actively facilitates smart, innovative, clean, green technologies,” he said.

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John Sutton (Greens candidate for Newcastle Lord Mayor and Ward 4), on 0411 154 004.

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