Media Release – Greens say action needed on dangerous traffic and parking conditions around Callaghan campus

6 August 2012

Dangerous traffic and parking conditions in residential areas around the University of Newcastle’s Callaghan campus must be addressed during the next council term, Newcastle Greens said today.

Newcastle Greens Ward 4 and Lord Mayoral candidate John Sutton said that Greens councillors on the next council would move for a traffic and parking strategy to cover suburbs such as Birmingham Gardens, Jesmond, and Shortland, where residents are reporting increasing safety and amenity problems from narrow residential streets choked with parked cars.

“Residents I’ve spoken to in these areas have told me that their streets are constantly clogged with parked cars from university students and staff, and I’ve personally witnessed situations with cars on narrow residential streets in Birmingham Gardens squeezing dangerously between parked vehicles on each side,” Mr Sutton said.

“The problem has increased over the years with the steady growth of the university student population, and the approval of new suburban student accommodation developments with insufficient on-site parking.

“It’s now reaching a crisis point, and something needs to be done.

“The council recently developed a traffic and parking strategy for Kotara in response to similar concerns from residents in that area about the impact of street parking generated by the Westfield Shopping Centre. Clearly, council should now do the same for the communities around the Callaghan campus.

“Obviously, such a strategy is not going to provide easy solutions, because it would have to meet the reasonable but often competing needs of university students and staff, local residents, and government traffic and transport agencies.

“Improved public transport services and more cycleways and footpaths would obviously relieve the problem in the longer term.

“But the situation will also need shorter-term strategies, to reduce the current traffic danger, and to stop the further decline of the residential amenity of these communities,” Mr Sutton said.

For more information or comment contact: John Sutton (Greens Ward 4 and Lord Mayoral candidate for Newcastle) on 0411 154 004 or Keith Parsons (Greens Ward 3 candidate for Newcastle) on 0408 446 022.

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